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Kill Me Quickly
Thrice Lyrics

Can we,
Can we kill each other quickly,
Quick enough so I won't feel it?
A shot of strobe light anesthesia and I'll be fine
'Cause I'm beginning to feel cold.

My hands are shaking from fear,
White from clutching my pride, red from cutting you
And blue from telling lies.

'Cause I'm sick of the stabbing, I'm sick of the breaking
I'm sick of the bleeding until we fall down.
Sick of this circle of death that we dance through again
And again, just lay me in the ground
Let's fall asleep together, hold me darling 'cause I'm scared,
And I can't do this alone.

But I need your heartbeat to haunt me, your cold lips to breathe,
A promise that tomorrow we'll wake up somewhere new.

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Comments from YouTube:


This album blew my brain out of the back of my skull when I discovered it in my early 20s. This cd was ALWAYS in my car, and played loud af, pushing the limit of those stock Subaru speakers. This got me out of some pretty rough times, and it was downright eerie sometimes, how much the lyrics resonated with me. Listening to this incredible album, front to back, is a ritual I hadn’t performed for far too long.


I'm still finding pieces of my brain scattered around since the day Thrice blessed us with album!! 1st band I ever saw and this was the 1st song they played. I about lost my shit at 0.1 seconds hearing the intro fade-in part!!! Not even joking...I was catatonic lol i stood the middle of this human volcano which I knew was about to go into annihilation mode!! GDI.....can I just visit those times one last time..? Who knows, maybe that's where the rest of my brain is lol

rory s

for sure bro

Geoffrey Woods

For sure it’s a classic buddy

Down To Clown


Chase G

I totally feel where your coming from... This CD and band changed me to the core. This will forever be my favorite album. Still drop in every few months to give it a spin.

Tom Erickson

seriously amazing that basically the whole illusion of saftey album on the youtube page has around zero views... easily the best album.


Just found it bro. Searched thrice 2000, found this from live warped tour. Was sick


Thrice’s hardcore era is criminally underrated

Chris Hanes

@Bryan Salguero 16 and 33 here bro lol

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