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Mother Raki
Thriftworks Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Thriftworks:

Better Days I'm waiting in the clouds stuck up in the heights trying to…
Daydreams all these people think i'm strange doing what they can, to…
Greenie Beanies Ooo ahh blast off This ship is taking off And it ain't…
Moon Juice I lost track of time Staring into those eyes Ooh, it's kind…
Terry - D How many bitches know why Birds in the sky, always fly…
Thizza Thizza yaeh thizza thizza oh we fly fly fly high yaeh thizza thiz…
Wooming Baby, I don't feel so good Six words you never understood I'…

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Comments from YouTube:

Sergio Soerjanto

I dont even care about the genre all i care about is the music LOL its not important anyway

marcus sand

Well if you wanna find similar songs it’s good to know the genre

Ian Waterman

+Elijah Smith

False. Music gets made and THEN the people obsessed with uninformative categorical definitions jump in and try to classify it. Music is created and THEN genre labels are invented...needlessly.

Elijah Smith

lmao but all music is part of a genre... derrrp


I listened to this on mush and it made me think the air was water...

Brogan Murphy

I love you;)


Shits epic. -listening on youtube... listening to the same song on Mp3 as well-

Douviant Pey Bureau Guerola

its great song !


Good song to pop to. Funky in a different way.

MomChill Yordanov


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