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Magik Journey
Tiësto Lyrics

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Michael Kiehler

Almost 20 years later and his original sounds still touch my soul. 2020

Barry Edmond

It was around this time that he abandoned what 'soul' he had, decided to stop making music, and chose to make money instead...

Bjk Bjk

I feel bad . I miss old Tiesto

Mammad Bughi

all of us too. Raise and Fall of a STAR.

derk mull

Don't feel bad, he's a multi millionaire playing shit disposable music to people who lap it up while he could be educating them and introducing them to Trance.

He don't care and doesn't feel bad, so neither should you.

Kara Nebesnaya

Power of Money


Hogy mi?!?!


That Tiesto died together with al the EDM souls who are waving at breaks wich take longer then 10 mins...

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Vinny Diesel

the creativity of dj tiesto is just mind blowing.. his hearing for music; how he changes sounds, slows up or speeds up the tempo and much more is nothing short of a musical genius.

Thom reacher

tiesto !! go back to this !

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