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Literal Dead Space 2 Trailer
Toby Turner Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Toby Turner:

Christmas Creed Song Parody Well I just love the holiday. Christmas Lights. Santa's Slei…
Depressing Song I wrote this song just to depress you. When this song…
Dramatic Song This song sounds dramatic But I'm bad at writing words If …
I Can Swing My Sword Do you like my sword, sword? Sword, my diamond sword, sword…
I Can Swing my Sword! Do you like my sword, sword? Sword, my diamond sword, sword …
Literal Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Trailer Stargate, Sparkle, Ubisoft. Nod at the boat and people die. …
Nugget In A Biscuit Nugget, biscuit, nugget in a biscuit. Nugget, biscuit, nugg…
The Sideburns Song
There's a Floppy Disk on the Floor I don't like cleaning but my momma makes me anyway. She…
Viral Song Look at little Tim Tim, tryin' to write a viral song. He…

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Comments from YouTube:

parker demeyer

9 Years later ~ anyone else still re-visiting all these literal bangers? Childhood defining <3

Austin Baumbeck

Obviously lmao

Behind The Spook

Oh hell yea

Hayden brumhead

Facts bro


Aye...I am as well.


Tobuscus is literally my entire childhood I can recite all of his literal trailers easily

William Dale

DARKNESS, sparkle

Waves of games

recite the Prototype 2 literal trailer then-


i cry every time i hear his name or hear his songs

For Ben

Same here.

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