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Literal Dead Space 2 Trailer
by Toby Turner

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Christmas Creed Song Parody Well I just love the holiday. Christmas Lights. Santa's Slei…
Depressing Song I wrote this song just to depress you. When this song…
Dramatic Song This song sounds dramatic But I'm bad at writing words If …
I Can Swing My Sword Do you like my sword, sword? Sword, my diamond sword, sword…
I Can Swing my Sword! Do you like my sword, sword? Sword, my diamond sword, sword …
Literal Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Trailer Stargate, Sparkle, Ubisoft. Nod at the boat and people die. …
Nugget In A Biscuit Nugget, biscuit, nugget in a biscuit. Nugget, biscuit, nugg…
The Sideburns Song
There's a Floppy Disk on the Floor I don't like cleaning but my momma makes me anyway. She…
Viral Song Look at little Tim Tim, tryin' to write a viral song. He…

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Comments from YouTube:


4 years later. Still epic.

Harry Fenix

9 years later, stil EPIC

James Gietzen

8 years later... still epic

Panda boy

Yazite 8 years now.

João Martins

Legend says that the demon gymnast is still being sucked into space.

Jay Parmo


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I think this is my most favorite literal trailer because this is one of the very few times you get to hear Toby's genuine singing voice.

Ferid Emrahov


Mark Zuckerberg's True Form

@Samuel Nalaya wow what a great and informative comment.

Samuel Nalaya

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