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Literal Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer
Toby Turner Lyrics

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Me at school

points to a random person
he needs some sleep

points to another random person 
and he needs a nose!

points to a person
and he needs some sleep...and some new glasses

points to a teacher that I hate
and he needs a manicure!

Миша Ефремов

Introductory helicopter nature shot.
Bad guy at a safe distance
Second helicopter introductory nature shot
bad guy at an uncomfortably close distance (turn)

Careful Harry, he doesn't have a nose.
Harry needs some sleep.
And he needs a nose.
And he needs some sleep.
And some new glasses.
And he needs a manicure.
Don't sleep yet Harry, he's gonna kill you LOOK OUT!

Spell, dodge, too many passengers,
dramatic turn,
how does that hold him up?
First time he touched a girl
Pan up pointy roof
Leaf bed look right
This movie is extremely important
Force field dissolves
Dramatically raise hand
That train is screwed
Slowly look left
This movie is the most important movie you will ever see
Back up in a library
Raise your hand and a wand
Dragon's pissed, Weasley's scared
Of a bunch of bad guys
but he acts brave while he runs.
You've gotta buy 2 tickets
Masked guy on a broom swerve
Run throw exploding
Running closer shot cast a spell
DUCK be careful with that stick too late.

Ok, time out. Oh thank god ok. Catchin my breath. He's grabbin his face, whatever. Ok go!

Dragon take off
People running
Downhill people running
Part 1 November walking
Chase that fire you wizards flying horse lizard
look out harry
Too late got him, help him Ron.

People Running backwards
wave-hand upskirt
cast spell
blow up the town
Wizard lightning battle
Zoom huge shiny P
Then other letters come out.

All comments from YouTube:

Jordan Dobbertin

Who else just remembered this

Lorelei Yeah

still remember the words


I come back every few weeks for the memories

Meg Leo

me lol idk why i’m here. just had “back up in a library” stuck in my head

Sam Winchester

going to see first film in theaters this weekend and brought back good memories... still memorized the whole thing even after 10 years.

Mikk Laik

I know this song better than most of my classmates names XD

ipsita sengupta

After all this time?

Dilip Francis

Bruh i still do

Alyssa Potter

Mikk Laik same lol

Gwendolyn Thompson

I second that.

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