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Tom Waits Lyrics

The seeds are planted here
But they won't grow
We won't have to say goodbye
If we all go
Maybe things will be better in Chicago

To leave all we've ever known
For a place we've never seen
Maybe things will be better in Chicago

Well It's brave for us to stay
Even braver to go
Wherever she goes I go
Maybe things will be better in Chicago

What we need the lord will give us
All we want we carry with us
You know where I can be found
Where the rainbow hits the ground
I'm not alone
I'm not afraid
'Cause this bird has flown from his cage
There's so much magic we have known
On this sapphire we call home
With my coat and my hat
I say goodbye to all that

Maybe things will be better in Chicago
Maybe things will be better in Chicago
All aboard
All aboard

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Thomas Alan Waits, Kathleen Brennan

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Михаил Сергопольцев

"Чикаго "

Все посевы здесь
Не прорастут
Не с кем будет попрощаться
Если все уйдут
Может быть, все срастётся в Чикаго
Отдать все то, что знали
За место, что в глаза не видали
Может быть, все срастётся в Чикаго
Остаться – смелый шаг
Уйти еще смелей
Куда б она ни шла, я за ней
Может быть, все срастётся в Чикаго

В чем нуждаемся – Господь нам даст
Что хотим – за пазухой у нас
Всяк там меня найдёт
Где оземь радуга падёт
Не один я
Мне не страшно
Упорхнула из клетки пташка
Мы массу фокусов познаём
В сапфире, что домом зовём
Надев шляпу и пальто
Я говорю – прощай, всё то
Может быть, все срастётся в Чикаго
Может быть, все срастётся в Чикаго

All comments from YouTube:

Vancouver Terry

Tom deserves some kind of award for writing this song, it so brilliantly captures the spirit and bravery of the migration from the South. Hats off to you, Tom! As true a troubador as there ever was!

Alejandro Sierra

Pure, raw and distilled talent.

June Asiimwe

Such a brilliant passionate performer.

Steve Parker

Feckin genius, but it took learning about Beefheart to get him performing like this.

Muel 1989

He sings like some mad southern preacher at the end of days. Whether he’s possessed by God or the Devil is hard to say. I love it.

Pablo Gonzo

3:00 Oh My god! That guitar chord...

Pablo Gonzo

@Steve Parker Yes, exactly! He´s bending a few strings to get that magnific chord. And he uses distortion indeed.

Steve Parker

@Pablo Gonzo There's another one a few seconds later. Definitely 7th minor chords, but messed with a little. Cool stuff.

Steve Parker

@Pablo Gonzo Okay, got you now. E7 with some bending maybe. Yes, that's pretty good, but it's not just a straight chord. Distortion in there, and I'm sure he's bending part of it.
You're right, though; excellent. Well spotted.

Pablo Gonzo

​@Steve Parker No, my friend. I mean the guitar chord by david hidalgo.

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