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Heartattack and Vine
Tom Waits Lyrics

Liar liar with your pants on fire, white spades hangin' on the telephone
Wire, gamblers reevaluate along the dotted line, you'll never recognize
Yourself on heartattack and vine.

Doctor lawyer beggar man thief, Philly Joe remarkable looks on in disbelief,
If you want a taste of madness, you'll have to wait in line, you'll probably
See someone you know on heartattack and vine.

Boney's high on china white, shorty found a punk, don't you know there ain't
No devil, there's just god when he's drunk, well this stuff will probably kill
You, let's do another line, what you say you meet me down on heartattack and

See that little jersey girl in the see-through top, with the peddle pushers
Sucking on a soda pop, well I bet she's still a virgin but it's only twenty-
Five 'til nine, you can see a million of 'em on heartattack and vine.

Better off in iowa against your scrambled eggs, than crawling down cahuenga
On a broken pair of legs, you'll find your ignorance is blissful every goddamn
Time, your're waitin' for the RTD on heartattack and vine.

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Comments from YouTube:

Darth Cygnus

“Don’t you know there ain’t no devil that’s just God when he’s drunk.”

F for Fandetta

One of the greatest lines ever written

Dominique Scappucci

The line that made me a Tom Waits fan.

Bianca Christine

So true

Luka Tomic

@Scott Kay 1116d7g2f9b

Just a Man

@UCK5VPIVzFVWoxYDW4WSf58w pro tip, get lost you obvious scammer

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Stop the Philosophical Zombies

On the off chance Tom actually reads these comments: Someone just told me that you don't play any material from your first two albums. Is that true? Btw, your music is absolute genius and has made my life richer and better from the moment I discovered Rain Dogs as a 14 year old. Thank you Tom!


@Lasse Kørner Petersen you don't have to be a weird asshole just because he likes an artist and asked a question

Bianca Christine

@Ratzfourtyfour good one.


I'm just imagining Tom announcing a livestream here lol.

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