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Little Walter
Tony Toni Toné Lyrics

Put all your men in a average city
Had a share of problems don't you know
Just the same the city had too

Time after time, my mama told
“There's a lotta things that you know
But there's a whole lot more you need to know”

“Money, have your own
Friends, just for fun
Drugs, don't indulge
Sex with the right person”

“Work all your day
Crime does not pay
Love don't apply
Live, to live you must die”

And I can't be late 'coz I was born not to know
Things are getting crazy, I ain't getting lazy
I was born not to know

Now since I've grown, I've learned a lot more
The city hasn't changed a bit since
Doesn't mean I have to live like this

I still can recall what my mother told me
There was a lot of things that I knew
But the ones my mother said were true

Money, had my own
Friends, we had fun
Drugs, didn't indulge
Sex, had the right person

Work, all my day
Crime did not pay
Love did not apply
Live, now I live but I gotta die

And I can't be late 'coz I was born not to know
I ain't gonna make a fuss, I like the back of the bus
'Coz I was born not to know

I was born not to know
I was born not to know
I was born not to know

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Comments from YouTube:

Francisa O'neal

Walter was a crackhead! Yall need to listen . This song came out during the crack era.

Stormy Moore



He was a crack dealer

Tarra Davidson

This song use to scare me when I was little 😂

Carrie Davison

I was just saying the same thing about this song lmao. 😂


Shiddddd me too, i was just talking about it. 😂😂😂

Walter Mack

My name is Walter and everyone in my neighborhood used to sang this song everytime they seen me and when I was a kid and I hated this song 😂

Marcus Fuller

Me too

Solo Jones

@Elite540z my name is Walter and they called me lil Walter coming up.

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My name is Walter and they would sing this to me when I was in the Navy stationed in Bahrain. Never heard the song before so thanks for those awkward moments shipmates.

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