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I Still Want You
by Tramaine Hawkins

I began to give up on me
When I took a look at reality
I said what am I still striving for
Lord you don't need me anymore
It must have been something
That I have done
To make you choose another one
Why am I still in this race
I know I'm losing my place
Then you told me

I still want you"
I still need you"
Nobody else can do
What I want you to do
That's why I created you
He said, I am the one who knows who you are
And I'll take you near and I'll take you far
I'll never leave you alone
You'll ever be on your own
He said now dont you worry, Dont you forget
I never broken one promise, Yet
You must begin to see, that you are important to me
Then he told me,

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Suzette Reed

He still want you.yes he still want you. He want to collaborate with you. Try being what he want you to be in him

Victoria Levy

She is singing a song about my life. I was messed up on drugs and alcohol, being ripped off by my payee/dealer and used over and over again. I lost all four of my kids. First one, murdered and raped by man ex, next two abducted by my parents during a custody battle and last one, taken by rich white couple wrongfully after I did everything I could by law to stop this. God got me through this hell. Tramaine you truly are my inspiration. I am serving the Lord now and I am happier now married and spreading the gospel to the people of Chicago. Amen.


Wow, what a Powerful Testimony. May the Lord Bless and Keep you in Jesus's name!

Hector Latorre

It's never too late to start over. Tramaine sings so gs that she has been through.
God will work it out. I pray you reunit with your children.

Felicia Edmond

This song is really what I need right now.

Tru Star 90

This song makes me feel like God wants me no matter what I done,do, or have done. I thought I was on my own I tried to be but God want let me be on my own. When on my own I'm losing my place. He is always bringing me straight to him in his church. He watches as I sit in church each Sunday. He loves me. What I want to say is I love God so very much. I love the people he placed in my life as well.
I love that he never broke a promise. He promise I would have everything my heart desires. I believe him. Someday I will be beyond bless


I grew up on this album. Tramaine is legendary

Monique Taylor


Marcio Victor

Que singeleza!

Chantay Harrison

Sister Tramine H ministered this song and it is anointed song

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