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None Shall Live
Two Steps from Hell Lyrics

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Chika Knight

For other nerds who wanna sing the lyrics without having to switch tabs:

Fighting and burning from turning from who we really are
Cannot surpress so let's find the one we have shaped so far
Flying too close to the sun as if we're invincible
Cannot dictate, dominate the earth that we're living on
We can't defy the laws, cut the laws that we consumate
Around the world we grow weaker as we exterminate
The only thing that gives thing that brings air and life to us
Wake up one day and find what we've got is serious

We are the children of the sun
We are the children of the sun

We are the children of the sun
The love for everyone
Always on our own
The fire in our eyes
The passion never dies
We're the chosen ones
The children of the sun

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Irving Jo Tario

Trollhunters is the reason why I searched and found this theme.

Izzy Miler

Like it’s chasing Steve and knocking off .


Same, too bad the movie's ending made everything non canon


I've been searching for so long, I couldn't find it and now I'm so happy I did ^^

Every Movie Hero

See I had started listening to two steps as an extension of searching for epic battle music, so it was almost the opposite for me, when I heard the track in troll hunters, I squealed in delight!

James Greenwood

A picture of the bible with a "signed copy" sticker on it with this music was my reason

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Ari Chan

Nunca pense que llegara el momento de mi vida en que podria presenciar la introduccion de esta cancion a una de mis caricaturas favoritas.
"Por la gloria de merlin la luz del día esta bajo mi mando" .


@Zesty oh sorry…


@BhavBot its different in spanish


Wait isnt it “for the glory of merlin daylight is mine to command”?

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