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by Tyler the Creator

Fuck, fuck you, fuck you, fuck him
Fuck everything else I can see
I know, fuck you I hate you so fucking much
I know you think I'm crazy
'Cause I think you're a fucking fag

Sam the music sounds good man!
You've been practicing


Sam, this is Wolf
He's new here

Sup b

Wolf this is Sam
Sam and his band have been here at Flog Gnaw for a while
Sam's gonna show you around while I fill out these last minute field trip slips, alright?
Now you guys have fun

So you guys are into jazz?

Look, Wolf, Prairie Dog, Ronzell
Whatever the fuck your name is
We don't fuck with you or anybody else here, alright?
You stay the fuck out of our way and we'll stay out of yours

Lyrics 穢 Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Tyler Okonma

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Comments from YouTube:

Jeziah Parks

WOLF turns 7 tomorrow, like if you still bump in 2020.

Ur Mom

Best album tbh

Wendy Gang

Youuuu areeeee a whoreeeeee

That kid who you hate

I now hear it. And I am. (God sake what the hell is with me)

GG L o v e s g o r i l l a z & m j



it still sounds so fucking good...

Thrifty_ Arizona

you mean "fucking fag"?


@Thulium it's the beginning just listen closely

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Yung Aleks

"So you guys into jazz?"


@lemonzzz don't just don't. I dont wanna see shit about Igor rn. I'm here for a track from fucking Wolf nigga

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