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U-KISS Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by U-KISS:

0330 Yo, listen up This is my tragic story Just to break into…
4U Yeah! U-Kiss Eli, AJ, tell it to ‘em Okay Yessir This o…
A Shared Dream Yume wo mita ano hi kara shounen no mama kawarazu otona ni…
AMAZING Eli: Whoo~ It's already two, zero, one, two Get ready to pla…
Avatar I'm burning, I'm running and dropping, keep going (Ha-ha) it…
Baby Don't Cry Intro) so baby don…
Bang Bang Bang Bang bang bang Bang bang bang I wanna rock I wanna…
Before Yesterday U-kiss More than a present Oh… (Yeah came too far) Oh… (You …
Believe 泣かない約束など しなくてもいいよ ここから歩きだそう 君の涙は全部 この手で抱きしめ 僕が守る 夢を (Togethe…
Bingeul Bingeul Are you ready U u u u-kiss Brave sound brave sound Bingge…
Bingeul Bingeul -Japanese ver.- ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル ビングル …
Break up (Oh We'll never break up) 聞けるわけがない 噂は真実? 君はfantastic girl(No…
Dancing Floor A A A A A Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Woo…
DoraDora Kkori mweoni kkori geuge nun ddeugo mot bwajugessne Mali dw…
Every Day Yeah I'll take this one for you girl this songs dedicated…
Fall in Love When I fall in love 君の愛に 僕はすべて失くして 溺れたよ Love once again 消えない…
Forbidden Love 激しく君を詰ってみたり、疑ったり 駆け引きでしか得れない tiny proofに価値はない 背伸びして始まった関係だった…
Give It To Me Yes girl uh~ I really wanna let you know you're…
Intro Shawty check this Impressed Don't stop Everybody Shawty…
Light It Up Woot gi ji ma da si hae na eob neun…
Man Man Ha Ni -Japanese ver.- 今宵、言葉は マンマンハニ 君に届かず マンマンハニ 求めるほどに マンマンハニ すり抜ける愛 マンマンハニ 「疲れただ…
Miracle Wake up girl - Wake up - Wake up -…
Missing You Babogateun naui sarangeul geudaeneun moreujyo Ireokena apah…
NEVERLAND Ddaddadda ddara omyeon algedwae, yaksok Bobobo boyeo julge h…
Obsession Yeah~ Love, Which is ineffable I Really Wanna Talk to you …
On The Floor Sijakeun kkalkkeumhage seutail hanan hwaksilhage Teojil dda…
One of You I'm telling you nothing is impossible What do you need for…
Orion どんなに時間が過ぎても 必ず迎えに行くから 君に背中押されるように 今を選んだあの日 同じ時間同じ空見上げて 星座を探そ…
Redial 特別なら立ち止まらず 貫くことが愛だろう (What to hesitate) 記憶の中だけに残る 君を抱くことに疲れた…
Rock Ya' Body Hey little ma ma, oh neul Game Over dwi eo…
Shut Up!! 濡れた瞳をミタ 全てが嘘とシッタ 次はどんな言い訳するの? またあの子の名前を出すの? メールも返せないような時間を 共…
SOMEDAY あのhitこのmissも平気さ ちっぽけなミステイク 振り向かず行こう ゆらゆら気づけばNumber1 トップの向こうに…
Standing Still 'Cause I'm on fire 넌 아직 그 자리에 I'm burning down 날 지켜…
Step By Step I’m gonna step on you, boy I’m gonna step on you,…
Stop Girl Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Ooh 솔직히 말할게 여기까지가 정말…
Story of April Eoddeon uyeonirado joha neol bol su itdamyeon Uri cheoeum ma…
Sweety Girl Mmmm Yeah Yeah Listen [Kevin] Hey you eojjeom nae mame s…
Take Me Away Sumjukimyeo nan ureosseo nae modeun geoteun, da byeorang k…
Talk To Me Baby talk talk talk to me Let me love love love…
Te Amo What do you think that we think is cool (2x) Drop…
Tell Me Y Saranghanda sarang an handa saranghanda bogoshipda Tell m…
The Sound of Magic 離さない everywhere 泣かないでI'll be there いつでもcome over here Now, t…
Tick Tack To Lie, I shall be here (Tick Tack Tick Tack...) To Lie,…
Top Thai Hey, hey (Top that), hey, hey Hey, hey (Top that) One, two,…
Top That Hey, hey (top that), hey, hey Hey, hey (top that) 1, 2,…
We Set off!! (your chance, your time your love, your mind ) Tsukare ha…
Without You Listen girl, what I've done to you, that was my…
ぼくだけのヒーロー ちょっとたくらんで イタズラしてみたら いつもと同じように おみとおしで いじけたふりして プンって横向いても あたたか…
시끄러!! Hello Hello Do you know me? This is mordney present Oppaneun…
시끄러!! (Shut Up) Hello Hello Do you know me? This is mordney present Oppaneu…
어리지 않아 u kiss ya we\'re da new kids on this block u heard stop…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

hyuny bunny

Some hoobaes & sunbaes have paid respect to songs by our U-KISS legends 😎
(just copy/paste the links & replace [dot] with a period)

"Eoriji Ana" (Not Young)
Golden Child – vlive[dot]tv/video/206140 (@14:39) [feat. Jangjun fanboying over Soohyun]

"Man Man Ha Ni" (Am I That Easy?)
SEVENTEEN – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=KHhr2LBlsU4 [feat. DK fanboying over Soohyun]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=p5rSisUDTts&t=707 (& t=1191)
Red Velvet – twitter[dot]com/secretgaycare/status/1142649498931515393
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=iUm9nERTP7Q&t=133 [inspired by Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/junhaera/status/1286987279030837248 [with Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/baechukie/status/1286993351984574468 [with Soohyun]
LABOUM – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=-t_9FIYv2Kc [with Soohyun]
Super Junior -- youtube[dot]com/watch?v=D0rfFRd8vy4&t=515
CRAVITY – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=2XtxLnXA9N8&t=443
twitter[dot]com/luvitydreambb/status/1286982150856744963 [with Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/serxmcv/status/1289172325779116033 [inspired by Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/u_crisme/status/1313282095469400070 [inspired by Soohyun]
DONGKIZ – twitter[dot]com/sudal320/status/1281476797415124994 [inspired by Soohyun]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=3OALy-HRElI [with Soohyun]
VERIVERY – twitter[dot]com/Y002OO3/status/1281559049322901506 [inspired by Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/YS0617YS/status/1281928367088914432 [inspired by Soohyun]
KNK – twitter[dot]com/lehduff/status/1281820102820757504 [inspired by Soohyun]
MAMAMOO – twitter[dot]com/lunaestrellados/status/1281573465061904384 [inspire by Soo]
twitter[dot]com/enchante417/status/1287340108081848320 [for Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/Jun_Supporter/status/1287386356126081025 [for Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/ImaneImaneI/status/1287351954046427136 [inspired by Soohyun]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=Z-AWPOAZN_k&t=333 [inspired by Soohyun]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=rERUxENLcfI&t=86 [inspired by Soohyun]
WOODZ -- twitter[dot]com/missykevin/status/1282145727641088001 [inspired bySoohyun]
TEEN TOP – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=31ncaaWt1hM&t=15 [inspired by Soohyun]
Golden Child – twitter[dot]com/u_crisme/status/1283039425241460745 [inspired by Soo]
twitter[dot]com/lovelypuppy__/status/12869838004218880020 [for Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/sueandjun/status/1287002465024372736 [for Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/dotgaeoppa/status/1289583540129034240 [inspired by Soohyun]
vlive[dot]tv/video/206140 (@14:39) [feat. Jangjun fanboying over Soohyun]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=5-_kgva9Roc&t=203 [inspired by Soohyun]
Day6 – twitter[dot]com/desix_0825/status/1283394337359855616 [inspired by Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/withyounghyun/status/1283391380983656448 [inspired by Soohyun]
TOO – twitter[dot]com/kkyungmilk/status/1284832959585894402 [inspired by Soohyun]
twitter[dot]com/jaejinthegoat/status/1286878173020340227 [inspired by Soohyun]
PENTAGON – twitter[dot]com/yukiyukichon/status/1287735516977229826
Kim Soochan -- youtube[dot]com/watch?v=dJ6Oi0I0cgc&t=2835 [for Soohyun]
T-ara – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=h35MNglPeRM&t=1272 (&t=1928) [for Soohyun]
AOA – twitter[dot]com/CJnDrama/status/1332914244581425153 [inspired by Soohyun]
EVERGLOW – twitter[dot]com/aishateruyo/status/1362503422608617477

“Bingeul Bingeul” (Round & Round)
SEVENTEEN – twitter[dot]com/imcindyrose22/status/698981967375761408
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=AiPoQrQQqqk&t=369 [for Soohyun & Hoon]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=AiPoQrQQqqk&t=456 [with Soohyun & Hoon]
Golden Child – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=6umxT5Bnggg&t=40

“Mworago” (What)
SEVENTEEN – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=AiPoQrQQqqk&t=365 [for Soohyun & Hoon]

Before Yesterday
SEVENTEEN – twitter[dot]com/seungkwaned/status/1282550925299605504
twitter[dot]com/seungkwaned/status/1282970710420254720 [inspired by Soo]

“Shikkeureo!!” (Shut Up!!)
SEVENTEEN -- youtube[dot]com/watch?v=F6tF7wkGmgM&t=110
VERIVERY – twitter[dot]com/00zeze_/status/1281562447808131072 [inspired by Soohyun]
KNK – twitter[dot]com/lehduff/status/1281820102820757504 [inspired by Soohyun]
VICTON – twitter[dot]com/cbcrry/status/1282199670060535808 [inspired by Soohyun]
TEEN TOP – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=31ncaaWt1hM [inspired by Soohyun]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=R2O4A2YDiVc [with Soohyun]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=UHegPcQVzeU [with Soohyun]
OnlyOneOf – twitter[dot]com/PACO9_/status/1283241591633633282 [inspired by Soohyun]
VAV – twitter[dot]com/b__0419___/status/1283373811874713600
TXT -- twitter[dot]com/TXTranslations/status/1284804282592698369 [inspired by Soohyun]
Day6 – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=askbsdglKiY&t=2562 [inspired by Soohyun]
ITZY – twitter[dot]com/ppy94/status/1287319053795639296 [for Soohyun]
ONEUS -- twitter[dot]com/chan_weus/status/1287497165628006401 [inspired by Soohyun]
TOO – twitter[dot]com/onetwodt/status/1289236331122405377 [inspired by Soohyun]
VIXX -- youtube[dot]com/watch?v=lYNQtN2vfcI&t=1121 [for Soohyun]
Golden Child – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=mymLNF8TEvU&t=228 [inspired by Soohyun]
vlive[dot]tv/video/206140 (@14:39) [feat. Jangjun fanboying over Soohyun]
youtube[dot]com/watch?v=6umxT5Bnggg&t=896 [for Soohyun]
Ha Sungwoon & Kim Soochan -- youtube[dot]com/watch?v=dJ6Oi0I0cgc&t=325 [with Soohyun]

VICTON – twitter[dot]com/sunhaeya/status/1292870730590240769 [inspired by Soohyun]

Kim Jaehwan – twitter[dot]com/mongmongpuppy/status/1287063920008601600 [for Soo]
Golden Child – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=6umxT5Bnggg&t=349 [with Soohyun]

SVT – soo-sex[dot]tumblr[dot]com/post/180818176131/trans-160607-soohyuns-ig-updates
[feat. DK fanboying for Soohyun]

[Soohyun's inspiring episode of MMTG – youtube[dot]com/watch?v=bC5ZDQIq-Nw]

All comments from YouTube:


damn i used know the dance but now i just know how to walk



Asyilah Azman

why you're like this HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA agree

Salma Karim

i relate hahahahaha



Katie Edsall Reamy

Too old to even dance to it 💗🤣🤣🤣

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Tanya Stefoglo

2012 was kpop’s golden age breathe if you agree


For me it is 2009-2011

Maria Feli

im breathinggg

Shereen Ahmed

agree 👌

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