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February MMX
Ulver Lyrics

The old man sings
In the face of fear

The circular mantra
Why are we here

The audience is blind
To what takes place

In the pillory
Life is a stage

The vertical lights of death
In codes of red and blue

Birds in black and white
And the drums of WWII

Tattooed in numbers
Genocide is suicide

We are our own enemy
And the last judgement

Our children are hurting
In the final performance

The newborn is still
The rest is silence

Contributed by Wyatt P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Can't wait for the new album!!!


@Greensmurf Yes! Always glad to see a band mix it up and change. Sometimes not always good (I'll admit I'm not a bag fan of some Ulver) but they DO always change, so great to see. Also I think I may dig this album


very versatile musicians , btw the drummers pretty sick


ulver is ever changing and they'll always be good!


this could go huge, too huge because its actually very fucking amazing ;from I troldskog faren vild to this, best band ever


Most eclectic band ever!


@Szaam That's what I like about Ulver. They have never repeated themselves. As much as I like Bergtatt, we've already got that album, and they've given us so much more since. They're no longer just a metal band. They're musicians


Holy F&%k this so amazing, im so excited for the new record. Did i change along with Ulver or did Ulver change me?

Cristian Nomelin

Esta banda la llevo escuchando mucho tiempo, desde su album Kveldsjanger y esta canción es del putas... muy buena... tiene algo muy envolvente. Impresionante después de It's not sound.

Rui Manuel Cruz

Ulver, new beat and knew face, voice, rithym, alive and powerfully progressive! NICE, MORE THAN NICE!Life! Dead or not......who cares?

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