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by Vampire Rodents

Meat - for babies
Meat - for mommies too
Meat - raw and sweet

Sad and useless
Born with a tiny head
Mad and hungry
Torn to bloody shreds

Governor on coyote raids
Crows attack the chopper blades
To the earth in flames it sends
Coyotes feed with feathered friends

Meat - for young marines
Meat - for human leeches
Meat - poisoned whales
Meat - on the beaches

Where dolphin body pieces float
A bomb awaits the tuna boat
No more diplomatic votes
Wrap the nets around their throats
God is dead
The wolves are back
They're laughing at your sick attack
Eat the pig
Your livestock brother
Seize the young
Kill its mother

A grizzly weeps and the dead awake
That's all the shit they're gonna take!

Meat - poacher scalps
Meat - Trap for hunters
Meat - Butcher's treat

Old and dying
The end of a culture
Sick - contagious
Food for a vulture

Meat - through the U.S. mail
Meat - young flesh for sale
Meat - in a live sex show
Meat - anyone we know?

Birds in black will claim your eyes
The raven judge will tell no lies
We have a need
We all must bleed
We all possess the carnivore seed
Have some sense of decency
No one gets their meat for free
Flesh gives power
Blood gives heat
No one leaves without giving meat

Hear the shotguns
And bloody chainsaws
Follow them home with vengeful jaws

Meat - for the N.R.A.
Meat - no pain you say
Meat - too late to pray
Meat - on judgement day

White and stupid
Warm in rotting furs
Bite and swallow
Now you'll feed the birds

Meat - dagger's handle
Meat - impotence cure
Meat - ivory dildos
Meat - you'll die for sure

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