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Banjo Versus Fiddle
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Jason E

I'm not even Irish but I just love the energy in the music so much, I've been getting into a lot of Irish and Celtic music lately and it brings me so much joy ☘️💚


Check out “Andy Irvine and Paul Brady” it’s absolutely mind-blowing.

john smith

@Jiltedjohn quiet correct , it does help though


You don't have to be Irish to appreciate how good the music is


Hi. Yes, it is Seph Peters playing banjo and guitar as a member of the Celtic Umbrella group. He's one of the best alright! It was a great concert and I am very happy to have been able to record, edit and upload this series of tunes from a single concert. Maybe more next year! Stay tuned...

Chase McKitrick

1) Road to Glountane / Kerry Fling
2) Rannie MacLellan's Reel
3) The Foxhunter's Reel

I believe he is playing a Slingerland May Bell Queen tenor banjo. I just bought one and love it.

Tony Flanagan

Thanks I love the music but cant call the times

Youenn LOREC


Pete Ahlen

Yup, it's a May Bell. He's getting some great sound out what was a budget banjo in its day.

Blahblahblah Blah

Sheet music for those playing along at home:

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