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Mama's Kitchen Table
Walker McGuire Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Walker McGuire:

18 Forever One, two, one, two, three Four squeezed in on a bench…
Best Kinda Bad She's a tom petty girl in a boy band world Got…
Lost You could put a blindfold on me And drop me anywhere…
Mysteries of the World Why does beer have to taste so good But too much…
Til Tomorrow It's good to be out again, good to see all…

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Comments from YouTube:

brian m

Country needs more of this and less party songs. The character of country has gone away and only music like this can bring it back. This is good stuff.

Johnny Williams


Samantha Haselden

brian m I agree if only they would bring this songs back

Lela Biekert

The smallest things mean the most... this song is the best example

Venom Baseball

This song is legit! My mama was like this and now my wife is like this to our kids.

Tammy M

I'm in tears. Reminds me of my mamaw's house. I try to do it now but with only 3 it ain't the same

Bri Irons

You know my grandma instilled those values in my family my grandpa kept those values close to all of us till the day he passed then my mom till her passing my dad not so much but it stuck with me and i love the values in this song it reminds me of family dinners at their houses as my family was devorced but we need more values today and more artists making songs like this today it brings me to tears it reminds me of good times guys please Everyone to whom it reaches please can we get these guys back together i miss them so much

sensei juan

Why haven't I heard this on country radio here in NY??? This real country music. Not that taylor swift crap.


@Warren Specht HAHAHA!!!! Alabama "Countried" back in the 80's....luv em ...but they don't compare


@Warren Specht She never did.....

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