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Vas Dis
Wishbone Ash Lyrics


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John Werner

As a 12-year old kid this is the song that made me a huge Wishbone Ash fan. I walked into Lawrence Stereo and Hi-Fi in Birmingham, Alabama and asked to hear something on their "showcase system". Keep in mind I'm a kid who can't possibly afford the kit that these guys are about to demo to me. Anyway, they led me into their sound room and they had Bose 901 speakers powered by a massive McIntosh Solid State Amp with the huge blue meters. The cool long-haired store clerk proceeded to show me a chair and he put on Pilgrimage by Wishbone Ash. That first song, Vas Dis as seen here, came on and it was like a lightbulb went off in my young mind. I'd never heard anything live or otherwise as glorious and moving. It was like I was in a private concert with this great band. I saved up my allowance and later returned to buy the album. Lawrence Hi-Fi is long gone but this is the moment in my life I became an audiophile as well as a huge Wishbone Ash fan.


@Gary SMITTY Smith 1971! I was there, too! Remember the bluegrass groups that started about 11 in the morning?

Grzegorz Gryc

Now, I'm a grumpy 55 years old man but I had a similar experience approx. 40 years ago. The older brother of a good friend of mine had a four or five feet long collection of progressive rock LPs, which was really exceptional in a (soft)communist Poland.
Wishbone Ash was a jewel there.
I don't really remember Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest and so on but Wishbone Ash is still in my mind.

Roland Gustavsson

Me to, after I listen to Wishbone Ash I bougt my first Rickenbacker 4001 black but it was sadley stolen, grrr!

Scott Schroeder

I still have my Bose 901s. they are just collecting dust and saving memories now...

Tony Smith

Great story . I was 11 when Argus came out . I had older brothers who brought all sorts of music into the house. I was just starting to teach to myself to play guitar .My brother would have killed me if he knew I was playing his album ...I pretty much wore it out . I couldn't believe that album. It's been a life long friend. If you love melodic guitar playing you've got to love Wishbone Ash

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the drumming on this is fabulous

Chris J. King

Yeah the great Steve Upton brilliant drummer


Everything is.

Mark Robinson

Great band

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