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Serenade In G Major: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K. 525: I. Allegro
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics


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Comments from YouTube:


The fact that there's no conductor and they're just communicating through the eyes makes me more amazed with them!


I adore 4:11 where they all simultaneously look at the concert master! Shows real integration.

Wide Awake News

In house music that would be everyone watching for the timing of the drop! 🙂

Fabius Graco

Ha tempos não ouvia isso tão bem executado assim! Excelente, parabéns a todo conjunto.

Bremer Barockorchester

Fabius Graco Muito obrigado!


Beautiful!! I kept humming this tune for no apparent reason lately, lol. Did Google search for song by humming at Google and it worked! Found this video and how very ironic - it's by my all time fave composer! (I mistakenly thought it was Beethoven that I was humming, lol.)
~Bravo and thank you very much!! This is lovely!! 😍 And thank you forever dear brilliant star Mozart. ❤


Me too man!

Erwin Yosua Sinambela

Lol....same as me

Hillol Bora

Same brother, thanks Google

Sahil Ameen

Omg i did the same thing

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