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Yiruma Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Yiruma, so far, is my favorite pianist! And I've listened to many of them...He's just fantastic though

Haven Lewis

As of now, my favorite piece by him.


Great song! ^_^) ~ I'm only 14 and I can tell his songs are the best!

Anita Villacorta

I´m 14 too, and that´s true, he´s amazing, he needs nothing but a piano to prove it <3

Mellie Aultman-Morris

Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to have everything Yiruma has done!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe how wonderful his music is...........I'm just loving it..........he never ceases to amaze me!


I teach online, yiruma helps me to be more effective on what I'm doing.

kyashi hellsing

Yiruma sigue sorprendiedo,,, su música realmente es conquista con cada nota!!

James Olley

Great piece can't believe its only got 1.5k views!



Xen Sanders

yiruma.....all thumbs up.. you really are great.. i love all of your piece..

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