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by Young Thug

What up RH Quan, What up GuWop baby
Oh My God Im Trippin', Oh My God Im Lazy
You's a bitch nigga, Ima rich nigga
Make your wish nigga, Ima prince nigga
We ready for shootouts, We don't dodge em nigga
Need about 15 bucks with this carbon nigga
Whole team eatin', We not starving nigga
Plus my bitch and car, It stay foreign nigga
Got a bitch from Magic City who wanna ride him
Gotta be loaded just to ride him (WASTED)
MC Hammer would love to ride her (Can't Touch Me)
Trina Slip and Slide on it
Got burglar bars up on the spot woadie
No Dudes, We just want woadettes
Bought that bitch a 20 thousand dollar Rolex
Now when you see her in public, her ego on flex (can't tell her nothin')

Aye Quan (What it do), What up round? (What you talkin' bout thug)
She suck me sleep, She suck me sleep whenever she come in town
Baby girl that swoop, Baby girl that swoop Rich Homie done tore her down
Plus she wanna fuck me cause I order up the ones by the motherfuckin' pound
Plus just chase after the motherfuckin' paper, cha - cha - chasin' after motherfuckin paper
Let's just chase after the motherfuckin' paper, cha - cha - chasin' after motherfuckin paper

We gone chase after the motherfuckin' paper, He gone chase after the motherfuckin' paper
She gone chase after the motherfuckin' paper, Real niggas chase after the motherfuckin' paper

Made myself a legend, Signed a bunch of legends
Made a half a million dollars, Bouldercrest and Gresham
If you a bitch then they gone disrespect you, You a lame them niggas gone press you
Got a pistol but that don't impress me, I'm the nigga that killed your nephew
This right here a banger, I ain't talkin' bout no singer
Put A hole in a stranger cause' Guwop Don't Run From Danger
Gucci Mane ball like an athlete, Nigga I might break your ankles
Someone call El Chapo, Tell him Guwop said I'm Thankful

Gucci Mane rock with vatos, Carbon 15's I got those
Big buck shots I bust those, I leave a doughnut hole in your uncle
Told the plug send em nigga vamos, 150 bricks send pronto
Re-rocking squares in my condo and I don't give a fuck if my Ma know

I'm tired cause I been chasin' after motherfuckin paper
Givin' all my niggas high 5's, Gettin tired of ballin' on em like the Lakers
And all the bitches say I get around, like the equator
I can feel when a hater make a sound, Vibration
Im chasin' Motherfuckin paper, Fuck what a hater got to say 'bout me
I'm a real big dog, Won't play bout me
I'm In the coupe, and it blue Go fast like __ and the engine in the back
And that bitch came with juice, She the Swoop She the Swoop, I been hit that

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