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Riding Together
ZAQ Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by ZAQ:

Alteration 神様の指先で 出来上がる わたしの季節たち 星空よりも遥かに永い 眠りを 揺さぶる歌 耳を塞いで人に紛れると わたしが…
feel the noiZ 幸せの光 まぶしくて目眩覚える スキとかアイとか 素晴らしいものみたいで戸惑うんだ クリアな視界に捉えられた君 自分勝…
hypnotize まわる まわす はまる さそう まどう まどろみの角砂糖 一瞬で同化した その中は安心だろう 僕も行きたいよ ゆるや…
Inside Identity Inside identity 居場所はどこ? 勘違いが恥だとか 素直さが痛いとか 誰がなんと言おうと 正しさなんてわ…
ONE WAY ROAD!! チャンスも勇気も一瞬だし 後悔と得るものは一生だと ぎこちなく全力で ワタシは生きてきた 言いたい言葉がおおすぎて 音に…
overture-Crescentic Lab. noiZ track- Taka ga shireteta terai ga uzumaite Oisugaru koto mo dekizu …
Serendipity あなたはすぐにあなたを 「ただのモノだ」と蔑む わたしはそんなあなたを 抱きしめるつもりさ 偶然 世界が 形を変えたとし…
Seven Doors Truth begins with trinity soul Not deny the possibility all.…
Sparkling Daydream Let's look for sparkling daydream... しばらく見つめ合ってから 逸らすまでに なに…
Sparkling Daydream (TV size) Let's look for sparkling daydream... しばらく見つめ合ってから 逸らすまでに なに…
VOICE I wanna fallin' LOVE 予感―...夢が続く 約束しても心がどこかで怯えてるみたい ひとりじゃないっ…
激情論 たかが知れてた衒いが 渦巻いて 追い縋ることも出来ずにいたよ 涙の理由 君に言えないままで 唇はいつも空を睨んでいた …

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Comments from YouTube:

Camryn Corbett

Guys, Lena was emotional and Mad at the world. I know she was being extremely rude but if I was around people talking about their relationship problems and having you dad sick and them not really caring I would get pissed too.

sarah anna

@Camryn Corbett honestly, i don't think she was being rude, i would've acted the same way if my supposedly "best friend" wanted to talk about her stupid relationship problems when my dad might die, honestly Clara needs to get over herself and save the relationship drama for another day.

Diamond Head

@Sofia Barrera Exactly, so it could be that she has to hold all her feelings in untill she can't take it anymore and they just come tumbling out, in a rant. NOt healthey to hold your feeling in, also like you said we only get to see 19 minutes of their life, she couldve apologized off camera and when she calmed down, they had an actualy discussion about EACH OTHER instead of just Clara.

Sofia Barrera

I'm not trying to be rude or anything but we just see brief 19 minutes about their life's and you don't really now how she's dealing with that and if Clara's helping or they talk about Lana's dad but not just on camera. I get she's pissed at everything but sometimes we need to learn to control ourselves so I don't think that's an excuse to be rude to a friend.


why didn't any of the girls ever hook up with Trevis?! He's the cutest and most mature one of all the boys.

Angelbaby 17

I love Ray and Trevis they both are so cute

Bella Leanora

+MiylaJ same


Yes he one of my fav him and Ray

Anna Mustanski

+Cydney Rose agreed

Cydney Rose

@Primaball3rina I think Trevis had a girlfriend, but he's definitely the best

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