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Philosophy of Dear World
ZAQ Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by ZAQ:

Alteration 神様の指先で 出来上がる わたしの季節たち 星空よりも遥かに永い 眠りを 揺さぶる歌 耳を塞いで人に紛れると わたしが…
Inside Identity Inside identity 居場所はどこ? 勘違いが恥だとか 素直さが痛いとか 誰がなんと言おうと 正しさなんてわ…
Serendipity あなたはすぐにあなたを 「ただのモノだ」と蔑む わたしはそんなあなたを 抱きしめるつもりさ 偶然 世界が 形を変えたとし…
Seven Doors Truth begins with trinity soul Not deny the possibility all.…
Sparkling Daydream Let's look for sparkling daydream... しばらく見つめ合ってから 逸らすまでに なに…

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Julie A. H.

These lyrics are amazing!:

I learned of love 

On nights prejudices run in packs, 
The moon, and hearts alike, fill… only to empty again. 
And someone’s commands, alongside my justice, 
Are pulled into a dilemma. 

Walking onward for hundreds of years, 
I’ve grown to not notice the flowers at my feet, 
But the form that finally came in between was your light 

Turning to the sky, I screamed one undying urge after another; 
In a world where reason is king, I learned of love! 
For the sake of a tomorrow in which you exist, 
Let’s become fools together, 
‘Cause it’s not like we’re part of God’s little garden, after all. 

On nights desires turn their spears to one another, 
A dove disturbs the air. 
I tell myself, “I won’t make it if I don’t believe”, 
So that I can keep clinging to my own personal justice. 

Watching over someone, abandoning someone, 
Saving someone, or simply praying for someone: 
If all of these are forms of love, 
I’ll choose my own path 

Can you really call the pure act of offering a song far and wide evil? 
I’ve never seen him, and he’s not guiding me, 
But everyone shouts for god; just shut the hell up! 
Let’s leave on a journey right away, 
Searching for the embodiments of happiness that are really right next to us, 
‘Cause we live in a world that everyone’s always yearning for 

I love this incomplete world… 
And I want to love the world you exist in as much as possible 

So turning to the sky, I screamed one undying urge after another; 
In a world where reason is king, I’ll live through love! 
The peace one person seeks is on the opposite side of the tears someone sheds, 
But I’ll search for just a single smile, 
‘Cause I’ve decided to live here with you.

dust blazing

月も心も 満ちては欠けゆく
足下の花にも 気付けずにいて
差し込んだ輪郭 それはあなたの光
途絶えない衝動を 天に向けて叫び続けた
理が世を総べる世界で 私は愛を知った
「信じなきゃ やってらんないの」
見守ったり 諦めたり
助けたり ただ祈ったり
選ぶ 私の道を
遥か彼方へ歌う純粋さを 悪と呼ぶのか
見たこともない 導きもない
神よ、神よと うるさいわ
隣にある幸せ その結晶を
だから途絶えない衝動を 天に向けて叫び続けた
理が世を総べる世界で 私は愛に生きる
誰かが望む平和が 誰かの流す涙の裏にある

Man in Hood

Don't mess with the lyrics, put the right one if you are going to :P
A few correction to the lyrics
Paragraph2-line2 (2-2): Tsuki mo kokoro mo michite wa kake yuku
(4-1, 9-1) Todaenai shoudou o sora ni mukete sakebi tsuzuketa
(4-2, 9-2) kotowari no yo o subete sakai...
(4-3) Anata no ikiru asu no tame ni
(5-4) Jibun no tadashisa ni sugaru you ni
(7-1) Haruka kanata e utau junsui sa o
(7-5) Ima mitsuke ni yukou
(9-4.5, lyric missing) Watashi wa hitotsu no egao o sagasu
Hope it helps ;)

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Neko B

S-pop in SIMS 4 <3


wa nobi wa

Fluby 13



Looked this up because it plays on my Sims radio all the time 😂

Commando Metal

I have mods to make sims fully become anime, I will use my real anime sims for a kawaii intro

MeIina’s Art

That’s so weird lmao

klobasove dite sena

Ye! xD


Same xD

Kate T


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Hearing this made me like the Maxis devs a bit more.

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