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Système Ya Benda
Zaïko Langa Langa Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Zaïko Langa Langa:

77 X 7 Na kanga yo na ba photos ya mbanda na Limbisaaa,…
Eka Lowisa Eka nakoya kolala epa na honte Na kamwe décisions motema ezu…
Muvaro Muva na leli, bolingo na nga Oyoka nga ata mawa Muva,…
Sentiment Awa Awa, ehh C'est pas la peine kobomba bolingo ekomi na point…
Zekira Zekira yoka Balobi na tika nzela yango Nameki na benda nzoto…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mike Mike

Zaïko prof ya seben,ferre gola na fally ipupa boya kozwa cours ya seben,merçi...

Deogracias Moka

Bo sila té? Patrimoine de la musique Congolaise...

Robert Kalumba

Zaiko Langa Langaaaaaaaaaaa! Forget the Innos...Ferra Gola...Fally etc etc...those are amateurs...pretenders to the throne! The King has always been Nyoka Longo and Zaiko!!!!! The only one to come close to him in the last twenty or so years has been Mopao/Koffi Olomide! However my elder Koffi has for the last decade been suffering from serious mid Life crisis hence his latest songs that fall below par from his past catalogue of tracks. And he loves nowadays Social Media a lot...competing with the daughter in that area! Sad. But Nyoka has kept on this beautiful music journey....yes there has been times u feel he has disappointed...but he then comes back with another hit. Yes crucial group members have left...but that hasn't stopped him on his March. He gets other talented people...teach them about the Zaiko philosophy...and they too do a good job!!!! What a beautiful song/video ....especially in such Covid times!!!! Zaiko....the Greatest ! Meanwhile am Ugandan....don't even speak or understand lingala but have listened and followed the music and fell in love with it for decades! And one group that has always stood out for decades has always been Zaiko Langa Langa...and Nyoko Longo.

Cedric Fundi

Na congo il faut tosala journée nationale ya zaiko. Blague à part.

Didi Pina-silasse

Ça remonte à très longtemps de revoir un clip de cette dimension, propre, harmonie au niveau de la danse, des danseuses propres et bien habillées, pas d'extravagance., bravo ya jossart.

abdihakim warsame

You’re legend joskar. Zaiko langa langa
One love my brother I’m from somalia

Bobbie Gatimu

We love you Zaiko And Nyokalongo.... You remind us of our parents..... Love from Kenya 🇰🇪

MusiqueZaïroise Musique-Documentaires-Émissions

Elengi ya Zaïko suka te 🎶🙌🏾 #LÉGENDES

Jean Atangana Etoundi

C’est parfait 👍🏿 j’adore depuis le Cameroun 🇨🇲

Julio Las Officiel

nazongi awa ata 10 fois felicitation kulutu ya baleki bazui ba problemes

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