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Zu Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Zu:

5 にわか仕立てのシナリオが ブリキのタイコただきだす プラットホームで見たものは 冷たく光るスケア リーモンスターズ フル…

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Comments from YouTube:


I saw a post on twitter that shook my soul. They said, “can we take a minute to think that at the end of the series, WWX and JC are essentially strangers and Nie Huisang is lonely even after exacting his revenge. The happy trio of Gusu students who would sneak alcohol in and read dirty novels are gone.”



Dian Rahayuningsih

Thanks god, fanfiction exist.

Jessy M

I cried so hard. nOOOO😭

Jessy M

I cried, omg


Cheewi I definitely recommend it!!!

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'will you still love me when im no longer young and beautiful? will you still love me when i got nothing but my aching soul?'

dude, Wei WuXian dear, Lan WangJi had long loved you even before you and he himself even realized it, and he still loved you after you got so lost in the dark, he still loved you after hearing your death and waited for fucking 13 years playing inquiry hoping for the tiniest miracle that you'd come back, and he still loved you in another body, still loved you even if you forgot some precious memories, of fucking course he'd always love you as you two grow old and get wrinkles and even after death. dont. fucking. question. the love. you two. have. okay. it's driving me crazy enough at the fact that Lan Zhan searched everywhere for 13 years, burnt his chest to got the same scar as yours, received 33 discipline whips from his seniors, broke so many rules just to keep you in his heart and soul and mind, holyshit Wei Ying, dont you ever dare to think one day Lan Zhan would stop loving you. you're welcome.


khun_go Bam! Bam! T.O.G

Thank you so much you made me cry 😭

Esther Leah Ambroise

My question to you is, did you even breathe while writing this lovely explanation?
That’s my only concern for you.....

Suzette Naire Bandiola

Bruh, it's just a song. I know your comment is 1 year ago but let me say this, just chill okay? But still, your speech made my heart ache...because Lan Zhan really waits for Wei Ying. So thank you.

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