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Don't Mind If I Do
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Chris Wallace The sun don't shine unless I see your face The moon…
Futuristic Yo, Futuristic spit that flow that niggas never heard before…
Futursitc featuring Dizzy Wright & Jarren Benton Yo, Futuristic spit that flow that niggas never heard before…
George Strait Weather man says it's rainin' again Perfect night for stayi…
Mac Miller Ah-ha! Mhm Don't mind if I do Hey, it seems like every …
Midnight Spaghetti (Seth Casana; Mikael Glago) basking on the beach snacking o…
Moped Genius Decorate the subway Bodies in a suitcase Looking for some ac…
Shelby Lynne Weather man says it's rainin' again Perfect night for stayin…
Status Quo Don't mind if I do, don't mind if I Don't care…

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They like X
You shouldn't have to say you got next
Why you ain't rich yet, when you gon' flex?
How you gettin' better every verse, you the best (the best)
The best kept secret on the west
Ayy, I hit the beat with a hex
Busy, so I probably don't respond to your text
I can't let you talk me to death
I smell bullshit all on your breath
Keep your mouth closed
You talkin' to the man of the household
He think he the goat and I'm like "how so?"
I put an end to it like the outro (oooh)
With the quickness

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Follow me on IG and on Twitter Stream/DL β€œDon’t Mind If I Do” on ALL platforms πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

BackFromThe OtherSide

Yo make some music homie. Where you been?

Robert Turburgus

I never comment on youtube, heck, this account is just here so I can listen to music persistently. I've been listening to your work for a while now. I can't believe you haven't blown up yet. Its a crime against music, seriously. Please don't let the warhorse slow, the world just ain't ready for the future yet. you got this. I'll be the first to slow clap when you finally get the recognition you deserve.. hate to fuel narcisism, but you're a musical genius!

Russell Cramer

I've been saying the same thing for a while. I bump X's shit all the time. His view count blows my fucking mind. His shit needs to start being heard by the masses. I'm worried he's gonna stop putting out content if he's not being fairly compensated.


Got chills the second the beat hit, fire as all ways man. Props from the UK. Now over to Spotify to catch this there.


Hey X, you are super underrated. You can rap better than 90% of rappers!


Youtube: Recommends a video from X
Me: Don't mind if I do

Straight fire as always X πŸ”₯


Bruh this song and the freestyle need to be heard mainstream i feel like alot of people will fuck with his lyricism

RealRapz Media

This is such a banger of a tune big ups ghee πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’―πŸ”₯

T - Hood

Another one bro πŸ† the visuals are dope af too‼️

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