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Foo Dog
pinstripe sunny Lyrics

Changes are hard
When you're no good at changing
So now and again, I'll find mistrust in nature

But it's childish to try and control it
And wake up when its over
Just to watch it from a safer distance
Time after time, change will remain true.

Now the year is a place for my uneasy soul
A blossoming and luminous flower from your tender hold
Oh I feel it growing warmer and closer
Assurance and nurture
With that came a sense of purpose.

And now, when the rains of April start
Take shelter in my heart!
And maybe summer breeze
Will push us closer but never
Tear the two of us apart!
Til cicadas sing to us
Under heat of autumn sun
We'll still be side by side
In your arms, enjoying our lullaby.

And when the leaves fall
Because it's too cold outside
I'll be your foo dog
Protecting a love that won't die.

I'll be your foo dog. (×15)

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