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Near Light
Ólafur Arnalds Lyrics

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This song came to me after my brothers death. He had a blog where he occasionally posted a few songs by Olafur (that would eventually become part of his funeral soundtrack)... about a week after my brothers suicide, this video had replaced another video on his blog, without explanation. It was a song I hadn’t heard before and to this day I don’t understand how it appeared. I honestly think this was his way of reaching out to give us some peace...

T. B.


Tony Sproule

Music comes to us when we are in dire need, it's the universe's way of saying your not alone! Godspeed

Ryan Kenzo



I’m sorry mate. I hope I can handle my brothers’ deaths when they will pass as I am the youngest of 3, and we have great strong bonds.

Tony Sproule

God brings us this music when we are close to losing hope

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Jackie Perks - Classical Jams Piano

Why do we all love sad music so much? I think it's because it gives us permission to tap into the deepest of feelings in our inner souls and allows them to be expressed fully. This is what I feel here in this absolutely beautiful composition and performance. The combination of piano and violin gets me every single time. So beautiful!! You are a great composer and your video is very artistically and beautifully done! BRAVO!! ~Jackie

Cameron Joseph Videos

@trollin' For me its sad, but the memories it invokes aren't sad. Its kind of a nostalgic feeling, it weirdly brings me back to my childhood, where my dreams were without limits, where everything just felt better and it makes me think of how much of that I lost in growing up. So while I guess it makes me think of the good times, it feels very bittersweet in that regard.


Sad music makes me feel alive. It makes me feel human.


This isn't sadness, it's inspiration. It raises you up, I listen to this on solo climbs, it's carried me through too many dicey moments.

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