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Near Light
by Ólafur Arnalds

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Jackie Perks - Classical Jams Piano

Why do we all love sad music so much? I think it's because it gives us permission to tap into the deepest of feelings in our inner souls and allows them to be expressed fully. This is what I feel here in this absolutely beautiful composition and performance. The combination of piano and violin gets me every single time. So beautiful!! You are a great composer and your video is very artistically and beautifully done! BRAVO!! ~Jackie

Mehdi ss

I think the secret is that most of people's are sad, that's why that kind of music is attractive.

aiswarya mohanty

May be because we can connect our feelings to the music.

guttermonk be.

All art points to Truth. Not "my" truth, but The Truth. Creative output points to it - for better or worse. Sad or happy interpretations of art are partial and subjective projections of our inner spectrum onto the art. But this Absolute Truth described is free of such skewed subjectivity. Just as when understanding appears after enquiry into something and all thought then disappears, or when a natural vista appears in front of us; vast natural, simple beauty, then so does the mind disappear and mere endless Being dominates. Art does this too. Points to The Truth; reflects back the contracted asthetic view of the Absolute as a mirror to the seeming person their own expressing divinity. 💜💭🕉️🐝



at first this song might sound sad, but i personally find a lot of hope while listenning to this masterpiece.

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According to Lam Ho Tak, the creator of this video, Soeng (the name of the train station in the end) is the Cantonese reading of 想 - to think, dream, believe and wish. Going to Soeng means heading to your dreams, in his own words.
The song was already beautiful on its own, but combined with this video it's just pure art. I love how such a powerful message is presented simply without saying a word, that's the real beauty of art, in my opinion.

Jessie Levasheff

Yes, but also, the word soeng means "so close" in german. I think they may mean he is close to letting go, or being free, because the number 357 indicates that you need to let go of your self-defeating attitude and have confidence in what you can do. I think they song may be saying that the average human is so caught up in their own flaws, that they aren't letting go. I believe that when the man missed the train, which represents the way to freedom, he felt defeated, but eventually got on a new train. After he got off of the metaphorical train, he saw the light and beauty, therefore he was "Near Light". I like how much emotion Mr. Arnalds portrayed in this song without using lyrics, and I love dancing to it. Beautiful music video!

Françoise Isabel

Oui,c’est aussi mon opinion. Thank you very much !

Françoise Isabel

Oui, c’est aussi mon opinion. Thank you very much !

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