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Near Light
Ólafur Arnalds Lyrics

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Jackie Perks - Classical Jams Piano

Why do we all love sad music so much? I think it's because it gives us permission to tap into the deepest of feelings in our inner souls and allows them to be expressed fully. This is what I feel here in this absolutely beautiful composition and performance. The combination of piano and violin gets me every single time. So beautiful!! You are a great composer and your video is very artistically and beautifully done! BRAVO!! ~Jackie

Samantha McClinn

this doesn't sound sad to me. I think this is where most people go wrong in listening to my music to figure me out. this is powerful. love. beauty. life. chills, constant chills. a baby being born, a mountain being scaled. finding someone who understands your language for the very first time. I don't feel sadness here whatsoever. it could actually keep me up all night if I listen on repeat and make it through the next day giggling like I just realized I am in love while around my eyes look like I have been punched because I should be feeling exhausted


This isn't sadness, it's inspiration. It raises you up, I listen to this on solo climbs, it's carried me through too many dicey moments.



Mehdi ss

I think the secret is that most of people's are sad, that's why that kind of music is attractive.

aiswarya mohanty

May be because we can connect our feelings to the music.

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Mo Abraham

I came from the azula video.. Truly admire the whole concept of the music and the video

Estela Felix

Me too 💔


@Κωνσταντίνος Ζεϊμπέκης 1ㅇ4ㅊㅂㄴㅈ?가ㄴ55ㅍ1444

montadar mohammed

Me too

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