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Rondo Alla Turca
Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт Lyrics

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Yellow Sunshine

I’m about to learn this song lol. Wish me luck, i’ll keep you updated
Update day 1 : i could already play the 1st page pretty smoothly altough still a bit under tempo✨
Update day 3 : almost finished with my 2nd page, but still need to smooth it out, but completly finished w 3rd page as it is almost the same ast the first page
Update day 5 : the second page’s already smoother, i also started learning the fourth page, i could already roughly play it🎼
Update day 6 : i could already play the whole song roughly and under tempo, i’m currently working to smooth the song
Update day 11 : i could already play the 1 st and 3rd page in its original tempo, also half of the 4th page. I need tp work with the second page and the last half of the fourth page. Fifth page seems okay.
Update day 18 : i finally finished this piece. I could play it smoothly altough it’s not perfect (i still hit some wring notes sometimes) but i’m really happy with the result!
❄️ to all of you who wanted to learn this song, give it a try, it’s not as hard as you think with some practice❄️
Some tips that might help you learn this piece :
⭐️ when you start, play it really slowly - i know that we might be tempted to play it fast, but it might just make you frustrated if you play it too fast when you are just beggining to practice this song plus you might have to redo a lot of parts if you practice this too fast
⭐️ focus on your fingering, i find this really improtant
⭐️ focus on page two or the second part since i think it is the hardest
Sorry for the long comment, have a good day everyone 🧸

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Mr Nobody

Sometimes I fantasize me playing such pieces to impress my imaginary girlfriend


@helloguys2.0 so???




Same bro. Sometimes it be like that 😔 we can't find a loved one and are too afraid to ask out a woman so we use our imagination to power such fake events.


Bro, me too


I can play the Fuer Elise, Ballade pour adeline, Entertainer, The homecoming, Hungarian rhapsody 2 and more but I have no one to. Impress with.. I'm a single pringle

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28 Llamas

Do you know how hard it was to find this by looking up classic piano song that goes duh nuh nuh nuh nuh duh nuh nuh nuh nuh

Bangtan_Skz 0413

No, No I don't. I'm a twosetter...

Jovan Lee

Hall in the mountain king

Manguy person

I feel ya pal

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