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Tokimeki no Doukasen
ふしぎ遊戯 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Tokimeki no Doukasen' by these artists:

Shoko Nakagawa あなたの名前 呼んだらそこで 突然目が覚めそう こんなにうまく行きっこない また偶然 逢えるなんて 人込みの中 私と同じ…

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Comments from YouTube:

Youichi Minagawa

The fact that they interlaced the intro of this song to the last few seconds of each episode was pure genius. It increases the suspense and makes you look forward to the next episode even more. They don't make ending songs like this anymore. (T^T)

Tiara Starbrighter

To the OP: you are right! As soon as I heard those first few notes, I flash back to when I first watched this series; a great audio cue!


For real. The only other show I can think that did it in the same way was City Hunter. As soon as you hear those first few notes kicking in, you know the episode has ended all too soon and you have to wait until next week!


Yes i totally agree , my fave part is the opening and ending song lol..


Even in the 3 OVAs~

217 Channel


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Savi Dimo

Hi everyone, let us all include in our prayers the author of this wonderful manga/anime, Yuu Watase-sensei. She has been struggling with depression. A lot of her work are currently in hiatus, including Arata Kangatari and the 2nd Sequel of Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki. Let us pray that she may be able to vanquish her own demons. 💖❤️


You mean second prequel~ Byakko Senki is really good. Sending love and prayers to our wonderful author.

Stefanie Sunshine

@Eahr eahr26 Just remember, it was originally a fan fiction, so you can choose to think it isn't real if you want to. Technically, since it's not originally by the same creator, it kinda would only exist in an alternate universe. I think of it that way- that since it's not original it doesn't really exist. Head cannon accepted- because it was originally just head cannon anyway. But yeah, I just didn't want to watch something where it seemed that Miaka had such a minuscule part and didn't spend much time with Tomahome and instead we got a jealous girl who tries to mess everything from before up. If I read the manga- I don't even have to deal with it- the manga goes right from the end of the first series right into the Ova 2 and then ends happily.

Eahr eahr26

@Stefanie Sunshine yes! I'm actually very confused when I started watching Ova and this villain tenko is much worse and stronger than nakago 😅😂 either way thank you for explaining .. I'm watching Ova 3 now and I regret it I wish that ova didn't exist 🥲😭

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