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Guide to a Strange World
伊藤賢治 Lyrics

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Stew Tube

So you wanna stack 3 video timelines on top of each other. Place 3 identicle clips on each timeline in the same part of eachtimeline

Layer 1 the base you wanna zoom alot and add a "gaussian blur filter.

Layer 2 zoom out the clip so it's like a smaller box within the screen and brighten it up so it's solid white. This will be your border

Layer 3 will be your actual lucid image clip. Just zoom it out and position it so it's almost as big as layer 2

I use sony Vegas pro 17 but any editor should beable to do this

Next stream ask me and I'll probably beable to explain it better

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Simon Piano

Found this review when i saw the remaster announcement, and what a great review this is!
This makes me hyped for the remaster release (Summer 2021) :)
I love how you cover so many aspects in this review in a concise manner - story, battle system, tips for beginners (try Red first), characters, cut content, etc. - more reviews should be like this! Also, your passion for the game is obvious, which probably helped making such an in-depth review, haha.

Stew Tube

Thanks man. Theres just so much to this game its crazy. Its hard to jeep all my points organized sometimes! Thanks for watching!

Moises Corral

Awesome review. It's nice to see old hidden gems get a spot in the light once in a while. Keep up the great work.

Stew Tube

Thanks man woll do! SaGa Frontier was awesome! Thanks for watching!

Holly Yates

One of the hardest and best games of my childhood. The Asellus storyline was magical and dark. Thanks for the wonderful review. Can't wait for the remastered this summer!

Stew Tube

Glad you enjoyed the video! Thank you for subscribing! Im working on a breath of fire video next :)

Do you use discord? If so feel free to join our community! Theres an invite in the description! Ciao~


This is such a fun and confusing game. I've never beaten or progressed too far in it but I've explored it a lot and love the soundtrack. I've always wanted to see what happens if you beat the game with all the characters since there was an option to make a special save on the memory card to do that.


@Stew Tube Thanks, I'll have to check it out. Any time I played it I would always make that special save file but I've never been able to beat anyone's storyline let alone all of them. I wish they would do a remastering of this game and it's sequel someday. Also maybe a nice vinyl release of the soundtrack would be awesome.

Stew Tube

I touched base on what happens if you beat the game will all characters. Its kinda interesting but a little dissapointing to me personally but if your curious you can go check out my last two streams and see me explore the developer room :) there on my channel somewhare! Thanks for watching!


I didn't realize Lute's content was "cut". I had always assumed it was deliberate as a non-linear option intended to be tackled last. I had heard back in the day Fuse was being considered for being an 8th Playable Character but was cut due to time! This is a super nostalgic game for me, thanks for the review!

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