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Chun-Li Stage
佐宗綾子 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Malik M (VGM & Rand)

I love the fact that you have the original tracks here. It's a pain looking for the first themes because everyone always has the SF EX "Plus Alpha" version. Thank you very much!


But I think you can agree EX Plus Alpha themes are better.

Malik M (VGM & Rand)

Yeah, but it's nice to hear the original once in a while.

Angel Rivas

I just feeling that the arcade theme just have a feel that makes them more unique and in my opinion much better than console!

Sum Dum Gai

@teteskone41 Everyone is different.

Illian Palafox

@Angel Rivas naaa... the version of the console, are more smooth, really nice to hear them... the arcade version seems to be very tough somehow,... in my opinion

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Gabriel Zaldivar


Eduardo Caceres


P. Tsao

This is the best version of this theme. Underrated but cult masterpiece. I like it much more than the Plus Alpha versions.


Heard the +@ track so many times this is a breath of fresh air. Many thanks.

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