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Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
by 坂本龍一

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Fact I give you my heart Hold on, let me sign it Your…
Utada I give you my heart Hold on, let me sign it Your…

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1919 Well, there was this movie I seen one time, About a…
Undercooled (Nomak edit) 空虚な胸には 銃声だけが響く 風は悲嘆にくれ 大地は揺れる オレはまだここにいるのに キミの姿はない 歌を忘れたカナリア…

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Comments from YouTube:

shastri ratimanjari

This sounds like an old heartbreak that you occasionally revisit at 2am, still hurts but youre okay with it now.

L' Ourse

I know. Totally. But here it is with the lyrics -

"..I'll go walking in circles while doubting the very ground beneath me, trying to show unquestioning faith in everything..."

".. The Blood of Christ or change of heart..." " My love was Forbidden Colours"


Yes 💓

Yew W.

right at 2 am here

Bis Aurelius

Right in the feels

John Restrepo

You just read my mind friend...indeed it does.

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Roon Kolos

It took me over 15 years to find this piece. I heard it one single time in my whole life and the main melody I could never forget

It wracked my brain for so long that I began to think I made it up. By sheer chance i heard it once again, desperately used Shazam and found the song

15 years of waiting to come across it one more time. Every second was worth the wait


If music can't hold sentimentality, then how can this piece just be so good?


I still don't know when I heard this for the first time. But I remember the second time many years later during a Japanese show in Paris this was in the background. I started crying listening to it so full of nostalgia for something I didn't know what it was. And I'm so happy I did. Thanks to the exhibition I could track down and find this song.


so beautiful

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