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Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
岩垂徳行 Lyrics

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A Deus Nascer do sol, palavras, milagre Aqua pura, uma lágrima Paz,…

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Abyss Production

Godot's life in a nutshell
*dates girl
*drinks coffee ☕
*becomes blind
*drinks coffee ☕
*blames a person he barely knows
*drinks coffee ☕
*has this song as a theme
*drinks coffee ☕
*saves a girl
*drinks coffee ☕
*gets arrested for murder
Happily drinks coffee ☕

Uranus 007

"There was a man named Diego Armando. Armando was a defense attorney who helped the defenseless defend themselves. He would fight battle after battle to secure his not guilty verdict. He would join the Grossberg and Co. Law Offices where he would meet a young Mia Fey. Armando trained Fey to become the attorney she had dreamed of. Eventually the two started dating

Eventually, Mia would be in her first trial, defending Terry Fawles against the young 20 year old prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth. Things were going smoothly. Until she came to the stand

She testified to the court and all was going fine. Until suddenly, Terry Fawles killed himself in a shocking accident. This would traumatise Mia Fey for life and she would never take the defense until a year later.

7 months go by. Armando, with suspicions on her met with her. He drank a cup of coffee.

This would be the biggest mistake that he had ever made

The poisoned coffee cracked Armando's nervous system to the core. Slipping in and out of consciousness. He stared at her with her evil glare. There he found who she was

A woman named Dahila Hawthrone...

Dahila Hawthrone added to the Court Record

Coffee added to the Court Record

Coffee. The smell of coffee. Diego Armando opened his eyes, (what were left of them). His world changed.

Second Coffee added to the Court Record

Mia Fey was dead, struck with a blunt object by the blackmailer, Redd White. Grossberg wasnt doing much and Dahila was finally put to justice. Eventually, he discovered three names. Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey and Pearl Fey.

Phoenix Wright, Marvin Grossberg, Redd White, Maya and Pearl Fey added to the court record

Phoenix Wright was the apprentice of Mia Fey. He would put Mr White to justice. However he failed to save Mia which angered Godot. Maya and Pearl were sister and cousin to Mia. The only living source of Mia, Armando swore to protect the two and get revenge on her

However, he was broken. Severe eye damage, bad nervous system, and a taste for coffee kept him alive and awake. He was no longer Diego Armando, he was dead 5 years ago

He was now...

Godot "

Diego Armando: 1985 - 2013: May he rest in peace. shows a picture of coffee next to the grave

Grave added to the court record

to be continued...


After finishing the trilogy weeks ago now, I have a new favourite work of fiction and one that I would say is one of the finest examples of original creative work humans have ever conceived.


Godot, from the striking, unique and encapsulating visual design of his visor and the genius use of negative colours in his two outfits, to his sheer presence in and out of the courtroom halting everything and everyone else until all that remains is him, is one of the greatest fictional characters ever created.

The most human character and yet so alien. So hard to unlock. Concealed beneath a mask and without a real name. Paired with entirely unique and unusual slow jazz and and inhuman intricate obsession with caffeine. Talking with metaphors and gobbledegook phrasing that bewilders the entire room, further accentuating his mysterious aura.

Further still his presence is risen to even greater heights when you witness that he is the most unfazed and powerful presence in the room. Totally belittling the authority of the judge, standing firm against the roar of the intense criminal and immediately silencing and condescending the wicked witch with the whip that previously stood at the top of the food chain. One of his most impressive and chill-inducing moments for sure.

Once you learn this strange alien man was once in fact an ordinary person that was the lover of the protagonists’ mentor and a character that means a lot to the story, the player and the protagonist, one sealed gate to relatability opens.

Then when you learn of the cruel and tragic fate of that human at the hands of a vile, demented and truly evil psychopathic woman, one which completely destroys their life and leaves them comatose for five years, only to awaken blind, to the aroma of coffee and soon thereafter learning everything they had previously being destroyed, another opens.

Then you begin to see the truth. That Godot is merely a bedevilled ghost that has had everything that made them the man they were tarnished. The remaining humanity within which is left to be bitter, desperately sorrowful, vengeful and guilty.

So Godot, with nothing left does the human thing, not the alien thing. He seeks revenge. Because humans are imperfect and reactionary creatures that when angered or hurt, are prone to retaliate. And no human on earth has been hurt the way Godot was in this work of fiction. No human could share that broken mind.

Despite the anger, the ceaseless pit of anger, beneath that Diego believes he can protect Mia’s legacy. He can shield her younger sister and cousin from the same unprecedented evil that turned his world to hell.

Godot however, believes he can vanquish the evil and send it to that very same hell, relieving the burden on his shoulders and allowing him one final justice and one final victory.

In the end Diego and Godot combine their goals to vanquish Dahlia and save Maya and Pearl, at the sacrifice of a third party life. Godot’s bitterness refusing the ‘Wright’ course of action and Diego’s love and nobility confessing the harsh and unfair truth.

For the sadistic evil of Morgan did not allow for any victory. Using the demon spectre of her own daughter one way or another to destroy Maya, manipulating her other utterly oblivious young daughter.

Godot knew and acknowledged that combined with such unforgivable evil, it was also his own torment that meant there could never be the ending Diego deserved. With that Godot was no more, and Diego was able to give himself the peace and clarity he desperately needed, accepting that Mia’s legacy was always in capable hands within his absence, and with Dahlia gone thanks to both himself and Phoenix, his purpose had been fulfilled regardless of circumstance. She couldn’t hurt anyone anymore.


This character is truly something special and their story will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have never had anything within fiction leave such a remarkable impression on me and I likely never will again.

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Laurent St-Denis

When you first hear that theme, it is quite humorous, as it showcases how out-of-place Godot's suave antics feel in a courtroom. Then, when it starts playing at the end of the flashback that is Case 4, it is genuinely romantic, and you can feel the budding love between him and Mia. Later still, when you finally learn everything about his past, it suddenly becomes tragic to a tear-inducing degree. The exact same song, the exact same arrangement manages to evoke three completely different feelings in the very same story. That is the sign of genius compositional skill.

Shoddy Peasant

I only felt my body tilting left to right


@Pkmn Trainer Red

Pkmn Trainer Red

That's the sign of the composer having good sense of context

J and j studios

Yeah the composer is a frickin genius with the music.


What about his ringtone?

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mark 082

Edgeworth's theme: "The fragrance of an updated autopsy report"

Unstopable Rob

@diego sierra Gumshoe: the fragrance of a cut salary report

Unstopable Rob

@Delinquent With NO brim Phoenix Wright: the fragrance of a magatama

Unstopable Rob

@Heartstrings Blaise: the fragrance of beating Karma

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