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Love Conservative
岩崎琢 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 岩崎琢:

421000 No feeling when you told me goodbye No reason when you're…
Die Hasen! Weiter, weiter, immer weiter! Lauf bis wohin? Straßen und Ga…
La gardenia Questo profumo di gardenia Fa incantare anche il sole. Mi sc…
Nikopol The ground below my feet" elevated Instinctively programmed …
Si deus me relinquit Si deus me relinquit. Si deus me relinquit, Ego deum relinq…
The Dark Crow Smiles Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi; Qui pius es, factus, pro…
ラップは漢の魂だ! 己を信じて天を指差す怒涛の男・カミナ様のテーマを耳の穴かっぽじってよ~く聞きやがれ!! Do the impossible, see the invisible ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE PO…
男と女 誰もが一度は ひき返す道 二人でここまで 歩いて来たのに あなたの心が 足をとられて 冬の坂道 ころがりはじめた ふる…

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel J

Oh this theme...the moment the show trancends the line between reality and fiction.Nia’s death was so deep and mature...she knew she would die and yet didnt ask Simon to bring her to life and him deciding it would be best if the dead stay dead and dont get in the way of living...the contrast between the hidden maturity and the silly(amazing) battles is what makes this show my fav

Sonia Gutierrez Quiroz

@Jerome I see. Still, the ending to me could've been better.


@Sonia Gutierrez Quiroz can't do, nia should have been dead cuz she's not part of spiral, she's the messenger of anti spiral and their homeland in antispiral world has been collapse and destroy from galaxy which is affects her lifes too, i do want nia alive but when i understand the storyline in this series, i have to move on cuz every character deaths gives us the smooth storyline which is easy to understand


@Sonia Gutierrez Quiroz But still its beautiful ending

Sonia Gutierrez Quiroz

The Anime Staff Director REGRETS killing off Nia. I found this news out last week and I'm glad he regrets it. I personally wanted a better ending where they both got to be together forever. My only hope is that Gurren Lagann gets a Remake where Nia doesn't have to pass away. That way we can get the True Ending we always needed.


Simon can't bring back the dead anyways. He only said that its better if the dead dont get in the way of the living as in "even if i had that ability, its better if they stay dead"

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this is truly the best hidden gem on the gurren lagann soundtrack

Invader Mason

"Simon listen carefully. believe in yourself. Not in the you who believes in me. Not in the me who believes in you. Believe in the you who believes in yourself. - Kamina. i don't want u reading this until you get 0:59 in to this

Kaio de L Campana

Jesus I love every single soundtrack of this anime

Gabriel Carreno Jr

the only time I've shed a tear to a soundtrack

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