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canta per me
梶浦由記 Lyrics

Canta per me ne addio
Quel dolce suono
De' passati giorni
Mi sempre rammenta

La vita dell'amore
Dilette del cor mio
O felice, tu anima mia
Canta addagio

Tempra la cetra e canta
Il inno di morte
A noi si schiude il ciel
Volano al raggio

La vita dell'amore
Dilette del cor mio
O felice, tu anima mia
Canta addio

La vita dell'amore
Dilette del cor mio

Writer(s): Yuki Kajiura

Contributed by Charlotte V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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別れの歌を歌っておくれ 優しい響きで
過ぎ去った日々を いつも思い起こさせて





@noicon Rei is also one of my long time favorites. I love both her NGE personality and the more emotional one from the Rebuilds. Her voice actress is one of my all time favorites too.
But please tell me you have seen the End of Evangelion movie. Without that you haven't really seen the show.

DTB Gaiden is also a must watch if you've seen the first season. It's 4 episodes long and it's about Hei and Yin running away from the Syndicate together. There's tons of great scenes of them bonding and stuff even though the ending was kinda disappointing. The second season is just bad. Hei becomes a drunk, Yin is barely even in it and the whole thing is a clusterfuck.

Girls with guns are great but it doesn't have to be guns specific. If they are using knives or blades (Mikasa <3) or just martial arts it can be just as cool.
Okay since I keep failing with the recommendations let me take another shot.
Have you seen a show called Baccano?
It has a cute emotionless girl called Chane and she uses knives to fight although there are guns in the show and she can deflect bullets. It's also a great show overall and it's 13 episodes.
There is another show called Rokka no Yuusha which is magic and fantasy but the main girl uses a gun. I like her a lot too

Maybe one of those two you haven't seen yet. I have not seen any Ghost in the Shell though. No idea where even to start because it has a million things and it's confusing.


@Slawischstreiter Alright, I´m totally with you, you got me, at least for emotional reasons (^-^)

Drei has grown up like Incredible, during the timeskip of course, - but actually, to be honest, I don´t even give a fuck, as long as the story keeps on flowing.

Now you´re mentioning Rei Ayanami. I adore the very first scene, Rei accomplishes a single smile at Shinji. It´s almost groundbreaking, isn´t it?! Personally, I adore this Scene. Among many other Scenes in EVA, of course. Let´s not even talk about the Elevator ^-^
I haven´t seen any additional DTB Content, just the original series. A Manga wasn´t released in german spoken regions. Same with "Phantom", this Production isn´t even released in D/CH/AT yet. (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

Talking 'bout Gunslinger Girl, I watched it already and I like it big time (^-^)

Probably, we´re both attached to the "Girls with Guns" Genre, aren´t we...

I just watched "Canaan", it´s nice, but not exactly what I was looking for. It´s too hilarious, not serious enough.
Same with "El Cazador", way too much emphasisis on the comedial part imo. But Nadie & Ellis made an Impact after all, I like this Bee Train Presentation, for certain reasons of course.
Kirika and Ein remain unparalleled upon this day I guess,
haven´t seen anything quite like this since then.
I like Motoko Kusanagi of course, but that´s another realm, isn't it.

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Master Flex

The music is what makes this anime.


@Amanda Salmen These series are created by the same animation studio


@Amanda Salmen Sounds reasonable - both are composed by Kajiura Yuki


@Amanda Salmen yea same

Amanda Salmen

Reminds me of .hacksign// too


Master Flex


KingT RyuJin

From all those Animes I know outthere Noir has a really special place in my heart because this music gives you a sad but relaxing feeling at the same time like every horrible thing in life comes someday to an end. I love the music of this wonderful anime. The story, the characters, the never ending excitement plus those really well sad placed moments gave me always goosebumps. Rebember back then 2004 and it always was showed on VIVA at late night on TV. Great memories. Noir has one of the most epic musics and composers ever! Simply masterpiece!!! NOIR, .....

KingT RyuJin

@daikaizouku I am here now again. This song pops always up on my mind after some time.


Noir is still in my list of top 3 favorites of all time anime. There have been others that have come along that are really great, but there's just something about this, Utena, and Kenshin that I come back to no matter how much time has passed.

Hélio Harano

Same here, but as it turns out, not all animes Kajiura-sama pours her masterpieces into are as memorable as Noir seems to be (it’s still in my to-watch list).

For example, I watched .hack//SIGN mostly thanks to listening to The World and Key Of The Twilight, but the anime itself was slow-paced and actionless af. It wasn’t a bad anime, and it does pose some cool social and psychological subjects, but I’m not exactly thrilled to go watch it again either.

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