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Legend of Zelda – the Windwaker: Dragon Roost Island
永田権太 Lyrics

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vacant lives Look out! What is it? Who did it? What is it? But who's to…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jasmine Scott

This honestly brings tears to my eyes. I miss watching my older brother play this.
I miss my childhood.


Well let me comment on this so you can revisit this memory and cry again


There's new adventures you can have


hey, this games always here for you, dont ever lose your inner child <3

Plz Sandwich

bro I litterly dont play this game and this song hits like nostalgia im gonna start playing the game I have it downloaded but have not played it

Michael C.

I was the older brother in this scenario. The number of times my brother would ask me to stop at this island or that island. I wouldn't give up those memories for the world.

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Avennia Maragh

Legend of zelda is like the best thing that has happened to the video game industry. It's just beyond fantastic in every way. Even the music is badass.


@Alexander Petrohv Ever played Master Quest for Ocarina of Time? Maybe that design is more aligned with your take with the formula.....this comment is 7 years old and MQ is also like 20 years old at this point but I guess can't hurt to spread the word


@Alexander Petrohv do it without collecting heart pieces ;)


@Alexander Petrohv Botw is pretty hard but that came out after you posted the comment so yeah lol

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