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Shy Guys Toy Box
辻横由佳 Lyrics

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A Party at Peach's Castle Mushroom Kingdom is in chaos, Princess Peach got kidnapped, …

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Comments from YouTube:

Joseph S

A great choice for whenever you need a song to play in the background while something absolutely crazy is going on.


It's all fun and games until that grey shy guy beats the shit out of you.
That's why I bring him the cake.

Jordan Genesis

Whenever my friends say some dumb shit, I play this.

Deimos Poggy

Giga chad




Good times, good times... Getting whooped by Anti-Guy, getting that darn cake for Gourmet Guy, and the "traps"..... Why can't they make 'em like they used to?!

Gaile Oxstain

Young me didn't realize you had to put the toy train in the box from OUTSIDE the box. I trained and strategized like crazy thinking Anti Guy was guarding a mandatory plot progressing item. Well, at least I got a Power Plus badge for my trouble.


Holy crap you beat him at that stage?
Hhaha it took me a while too for the train though :D


Gaile Oxstain Ah, thanks!


Gaile Oxstain Oh, that one!!

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