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Shy Guys Toy Box
辻横由佳 Lyrics

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A Party at Peach's Castle Mushroom Kingdom is in chaos, Princess Peach got kidnapped, …

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Comments from YouTube:

Joseph S

A great choice for whenever you need a song to play in the background while something absolutely crazy is going on.


The Thousand Year Door was the best Paper Mario.
But I love this game all the same.

Gaile Oxstain

Young me didn't realize you had to put the toy train in the box from OUTSIDE the box. I trained and strategized like crazy thinking Anti Guy was guarding a mandatory plot progressing item. Well, at least I got a Power Plus badge for my trouble.


Holy crap you beat him at that stage?
Hhaha it took me a while too for the train though :D


Gaile Oxstain Ah, thanks!


Gaile Oxstain Oh, that one!!

Gaile Oxstain

@TheMaan2008 First area when you enter the Toy Box, go left. He is the Black Shy Guy blocking a chest. Fair warning, his stats are HP 50, Attack 12, and defense 0. Or just bribe him with a Lemon Candy (Lemon + Cake Mix).


TheMaan2008 I’m not sure, exactly, haven’t played the game in a while.

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JTV Game Reviews

Whenever my friends say some dumb shit, I play this.

Deimos Poggy

Giga chad

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