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The Sun Rises
近藤嶺 Lyrics

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Thank you for cute text.ARIGATO


You're always cool to play))) Respect!


Nice! :D


Im in Love =D

Gray Renn

Ammy: Screw you, Yami! Take this- The Sun Rises: Technotic Arrange! * starts breakdancing * Yami: Th- the sheer awesomeness...... I can't take this any longer! * implodes * And that is how the Great Goddess Amaterasu vanquished the Lord of Darkness, Yami.

bob jones

for a techno remix, this captures alot of the epicosity of the original



Océane Trichet

Best remix ever ! Vraiment cool :)


すごい!とても面白いですね~ Okami was a good game.


everytime i hear this song anytime and any version i just think of all the times i laughed and cried in the game, it was not just a great story the style and battle system where so amazingly put together on the ps2, it was the way to rightfully end the era of the ps2 with one last amazing game that truely should have seen its day. But, sadly everyone had xbox 360 or ps3 by then and not many played it, but for those who did you took a journey into what i feel was the greatest game of its time.

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