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Gerudo Valley
近藤浩治 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 近藤浩治:

Chase Start me up いつもと同じ空 よくある シチュエーション なのに はやる気持ちはもう 夏のゲーム いざ開始! …

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Paul Griffin

Was breaking this down and figured I’d share my notes in case anybody’s interested.

0:00 short, unrelated introduction figure + lone percussion (roughly 3-ish bars). It does establish the tone and percussive elements.
0:06 actual start. (4 bars.) This section repeats non-stop for the rest of time. (Albeit slightly quieter.) High-pitched percussive elements that repeat each bar, repeated note strummed constantly in a 4-bar pattern, and a lower-pitched harmonic foundation (pedal tones?) in a 4-bar pattern.
(The above 2 timestamps are only used once in this exact form. Therefore, they don’t really constitute most of the structure of the song.)

0:14 Primary Motif (4 bars, repeated once with greater intensity. 8 bars total.) Roughly follows the lower-pitched harmonic foundation.
0:30 Primary Motif’s offshoot (4 bars, follows the PreVaReDe melodic structure. These 4 bars are then treated as one motif and again subjected to the PreVaReDe* structure in megature, resulting in a call-and-response structure. The last 4 bars are basically their own thing to round it out, as per the PreVaReDe. 16 bars long in total.
1:00 Secondary Motif (4 bars, slower than the Primary Motif. Also repeats once with greater intensity.)
1:18 Secondary Motif’s offshoot/transition to loop (4 bars long. Very simple rhythmically-driven melody ostinato thing that sort of acts as a countermelody to the lower-pitched harmonic foundation. This replaces 0:06 in the loop, transitioning to 0:14 forever this point on then on.)
1:26 looping back to 0:14.

The rest of the video is just looping back to the point established at 0:14 until 1:18’s part comes again, ad infinitum.

All in all, ignoring the introduction and looping, the song is roughly one minute and 10 seconds long, or 70 seconds. The primary motif starts about 1/10 of the way through. The first offshoot at about 1/3. The secondary motif at about 2/3. The second offshoot at about 9/10, to complement the primary motif.

*Presentation, Variation, Repetition, Destruction. Credit to Evenant for this formula, or at least that’s the first place I learned about it.

Yusef Chaib

This track:
- belongs to a 1998 game, 7 years before the creation of YouTube, and 13 before being uploaded.
- had reached more than 8 million views in GilvaSunner's channel, making it the most listened track in the game.
- had been copystriked down, along with a few other themes of the game.
- got uploaded again in this channel in 2019, literally 21 years after the game's release.
- somehow managed to be listened to 3M+ times more.
- continues reuniting people to tell their childhood stories, every single day.

All of this proves that it's not exaggerated to say Gerudo Valley is one of the most emblematic songs in the entire videogame history.

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Strelok Audio Design

if they take this down... just massive levels of pettiness


@GodzillaFreak Yo how much Nintendo paying you to defend them so hard? There room for me?


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Quackity Alt

@Bruh Moment yes, because they didnt get your permission dumbass

Rafael M Castillo

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Darkind El Wisp

Why didnt they name it THE ocarina of time

it would have been TOOT



And to be hinest tloztot sounds bad... ok not at all


@Ovo na but The Walking Dead everyone refers to as TWD


@Suki 911 "BOTW" never heard someone say "BOW" lmfao shut up

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