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Gerudo Valley
近藤浩治 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 近藤浩治:

Chase Start me up いつもと同じ空 よくある シチュエーション なのに はやる気持ちはもう 夏のゲーム いざ開始! …

The lyrics can frequently be found in the comments below or by filtering for lyric videos.
Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Yusef Chaib

This track:
- belongs to a 1998 game, 7 years before the creation of YouTube, and 13 before being uploaded.
- had reached more than 8 million views in GilvaSunner's channel, making it the most listened track in the game.
- had been copystriked down, along with a few other themes of the game.
- got uploaded again in this channel in 2019, literally 21 years after the game's release.
- somehow managed to be listened to 3M+ times more.
- continues reuniting people to tell their childhood stories, every single day.

All of this proves that it's not exaggerated to say Gerudo Valley is one of the most emblematic songs in the entire videogame history.

All comments from YouTube:


I used to chill in the Gerudo Valley for hours just to listen to this music.


My dad saw this comment and started nostalgia crying

Ultra Violet

Bro me too if I got bored or stuck in a dungeon I'd just go to Gerudo Valley to hear the music XD XD XD


Ah the old days, before downloads and streaming



Preston Quinney

Me too

89 More Replies...

Dj Teliz

This is literally one of the best video game themes that will ever exist

Goat Bro

@Jóia Jóia understood

Jóia Jóia

@Goat Bro I respect your opinion but... undertale is far from the best game

Dj Teliz

@Brett LOL yes, that too of course 🥲

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