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No PlayBoy
나인뮤지스 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'No PlayBoy' by these artists:

Nine Muses I don't want no playboy no no no I don't want…
Nine Muses [나인뮤지스] I don't want no playboy no no no I don't want…
Nine Muses(나인뮤지스) I don't want no playboy no no no I don't want…
Nine Muses/나인뮤지스 I don't want no playboy no no no I don't want…

We have lyrics for these tracks by 나인뮤지스:

그렇게 만지작 만지작 옷깃만 만지작 그러다 날아가지 그렇게 밍기적 밍기적 멋쩍게 밍기적 그러다 날아가지 쭈…
다쳐 잊을만하면 꼭 새벽에 전화를 해 정말 뻔뻔해 헤어지자고 한 건 너인데 Yeah What\'s…
돌스 꼭 아니라고는 말을 못하겠어 너 가버린 후로 맘이 허해져서 심장은 멎어가고 내 숨은…
세치혀 내가 뭔 죄 남자가 붙는데 뭘 어째 이렇게 생겨 먹어 Oops My mistake 이리…
티켓 I I I I I I I I I I…
휘가로 Give up up tonight Give up up tonight Give up up 난 그런식으론…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

KimB | Music

hi I'm mine 💕 nine muses for ever
I love you Rana
I love you eunji
I love you kyungri
I love you sojin
I love you jackyung
I love you hyemi
I love you keumjo
I love you erin
I love you minah
I love you bini
I love you Lee Sam 😭💙
I love you hyuna
I love you sera
I love you sung ah
I love you all 💛💛💛9muses

Yet ppl hate this song but lol i adore this one 🥺♥️by the way they don't really need your opinions if thier sound not good or not so ppl u should shut up ;)

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fhgdc uwu

this absolutely wasn't bad by 2010 standards...even now it's still catchy....poor 9muses :(


@Love for good I was more speaking about the arrangement of vocals and beats, plus the outfits and pacing. But you're right, the lyrics aren't half bad.

Love for good

@pog champ ya, the sexy costumes did give a cheap look and they could of gotten better and supportive management. Groups need both a stern and supportive management, they seem to have mostly gotten just the stern way.

Love for good

@WaffleEBay12 at least it seems the idea of the message is a girl really doesn't want a playboy, which really a girl should be respected and loved by the guy she is with..not the other way around.

pog champ

please it's so good! but i hate the management

Nino Mendoza

@WaffleEBay12 And a year later.... Rocket Girl Stellar came out...

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I’d love to hear them re-record this with better production quality.

Keira Maldonado

That documentary got me here .

Keira Maldonado

Exactly not there fault poor quality

Deshna Das

it was in 2011

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