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No PlayBoy
나인뮤지스 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'No PlayBoy' by these artists:

9muses I don′t want no playboy. No. No. No. I don't want…
Nine Muses I don't want no playboy no no no I don't want…
Nine Muses [나인뮤지스] I don't want no playboy no no no I don't want…
Nine Muses(나인뮤지스) I don't want no playboy no no no I don't want…
Nine Muses/나인뮤지스 I don't want no playboy no no no I don't want…

We have lyrics for these tracks by 나인뮤지스:

그렇게 만지작 만지작 옷깃만 만지작 그러다 날아가지 그렇게 밍기적 밍기적 멋쩍게 밍기적 그러다 날아가지 쭈…
다쳐 잊을만하면 꼭 새벽에 전화를 해 정말 뻔뻔해 헤어지자고 한 건 너인데 Yeah What\'s…
돌스 꼭 아니라고는 말을 못하겠어 너 가버린 후로 맘이 허해져서 심장은 멎어가고 내 숨은…
세치혀 내가 뭔 죄 남자가 붙는데 뭘 어째 이렇게 생겨 먹어 Oops My mistake 이리…
티켓 I I I I I I I I I I…
휘가로 Give up up tonight Give up up tonight Give up up 난 그런식으론…

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Comments from YouTube:


I have a soft spot for this song. It has a totally different vibe to me after watching the documentary. They worked so hard and deserved better treatment.


Well they were flop so its expected that they'll be treated like trash

Sarah Porter

Absolutely. I don't know why it didn't do better. Personally, I really like this song.


this definitely has a different vibe now after watching the documentary


@GiGi Giselle i agree this song/video is underrated. these girls are so endearing

GiGi Giselle

Same feeling.

Aurindom Palit

The Korean public should have given them another chance. This group has no bad songs. They even after Playboy and being mistreated by their company, they pulled up their socks and came together with Figaro, 1 way ticket, News, dolls and others which are all classics. Just look at their confidence levels. There is a drastic change and they had grown with every MV. They look much happier in their other videos. They deserved to be recognized and at least an Award. I respect and love you all girls.

Mandy S

I got into this group about 2 years ago and their discography is stellar. Really good songs and they are great performers as well. Highly underrated. They deserved better.

Aurindom Palit

@Mark Nathaniel Javier yes. They were.

Mark Nathaniel Javier

Super underrated!

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