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Ice Cream Cake
레드벨벳 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Ice Cream Cake' by these artists:

Red Velvet [Intro: All] Lalalalala Lalalala Lalalalala Lalalala [Verse…
Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Lalalalala Lalalala Lalalalala Lalalala Oh 햇살 눈부신 한가론 휴일 예쁜 …
Red Velvet 레드벨벳 Lalalalala lalalala Lalalalala lalalala Oh 햇살 눈부신 한가론 휴일 …
Red Velvet(레드벨벳) [Intro: All] Lalalalala Lalalala Lalalalala Lalalala [Verse…
레드벨벳(Red Velvet) [Intro: All] Lalalalala Lalalala Lalalalala Lalalala [Verse…

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Olivia Thompson

Queendom 66M -----------> 70M
Psycho 302M -------------> 310M
Umpah Umpah 45M ------------> 50M
Zimzalabim 93M --------------> 100M
Hello 21M ------------> 25M
Like Water 15M ------------> 20M
Monster 109M -------------> 110M
Naughty 15M -----------> 20M
Bad Boy 333M ------------> 340M
Power Up 115M -----------> 120M
Russian Roulette 214M ---------> 220M
Peek-A-Boo 210M -----------> 215M
RBB 69M ----------------> 70M
Rookie 71M ---------------> 75M
Red Flavor 181M ----------> 190M
Dumb Dumb 142M ----------> 150M
One of These Nights 27M -----------> 30M
Ice Cream Cake 128M ---------------> 130M
Automatic 25M -------------> 30M
Be Natural 30M -----------> 35M
Happiness 105M ----------> 110M

Sara Mhmdn

Dear Luvies pay attention that we should streem these mv before their come back
Bad Boy 335M
Psycho 300M
Russian Roulette 220M
Peek A Boo 210M
Red Flavor 190M
Dumb Dumb 155M
Ice Cream Cake 140M
Power Up 125M
Happiness 110M
Monster 110M

Adelina Apiado

happiness: 110 million
be natural: 35 million
automatic: 30 million
ice cream cake: 130 million
dumb dumb: 150 million
one of these nights: 30 million
russian roulette: 210 million
rookie: 80 million
would u: 15 million
red flavor: 180 million
rebirth: 10 million
peekaboo: 210 million
bad boy: 325 million
cookie jar: 40 million
power up: 130 million
really bad boy: 70 million
sappy: 25 million
zimzalabim: 100 million
umpah umpah: 50 million
psycho: 290 million
monster: 110 million
naughty: 20 million
hello: 15 million
like water: 20 million

Hermon Felipe - Music

Beatles Sgt. Pepper: Double feeling and psychedelia.
Red Velvet: I'm a joke to you

Musically, both voice, dance, concept is my favorite group.
It was the group that reminds me of the themes of psychedelic bands from the 60s.
I say the Red Velvet concept is psychedelic.

bubblegum sky

Queens archive red velvet: The cat in Ice Cream Cake MV & 'Something Kinda Crazy' is bsides from Ice Cream Cake album

Wendy queens archive: The cat in Ice Cream Cake MV

Yeri queens archive: The cat & the cake in Ice Cream Cake MV

Irene queens archive: The cat

Joy queens archive: The cat

Seulgi: The cat

In conclusion, Red velvet is a cat that love Ice Cream Cake

All comments from YouTube:

Yumi Orquillas

if Irene says this is their debut song, then this is their debut song


@Chiaki Nanami when she said that???

Nina Young

Yes it's their debut song and that too best one.

Srijita Sen

Of course this is their debut song cause happiness was a song sung by the incomplete group.

useless trash

This is their offices first song

December Linn

@aeri what kind of double standard to Happiness.. then change RV debut date & anniversary + never celebrate RV anniversary on August 1st again too.. which are the same date of Happiness release, August 1st, 2014.. the amount of disrespect Happiness gets even from reveluvs are too much in this comment.. tell SM to change RV anniversary day from August 1st to March.. 🙄

80 More Replies...


red velvet: ice cream cake
hyo: dessert
baekhyun: candy
blackpink: ice cream
mee: diabetes


@Jisoo Gan Keep barking its useless🙄.
Bye go touch some grass.😌




Meanwhile: Twice: Alcohol-free `•`

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