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Cha Cha
레인보우 블랙 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Cha Cha' by these artists:

Big Baby D.R.A.M. Got cha, got cha loco loco Got cha, got cha loco Got…
Cha Cha [Chorus:] I need you Cha-cha-cha-cha That's what I want …
Cha-Cha [Chorus:] I need you Cha-cha-cha-cha That's what I want …
Chelo Oye muchacha Tell me what is going on Ay que…
D.R.A.M. I like to cha cha In a Latin bar With a Dominican…
Dram I like to cha cha In a Latin bar, yeah With a…
Freddie Dredd Noite de luar, a brisa feito o mar Eu no teu…
Johnny Clegg Black Rain fall into my life I'm looking for a woman…
K-Rupt 盗盗盗 盗盗盗 盗盗盗 YAH~ 吹起我们进攻 的号角 封锁逆风的叫嚣 然后记得 安慰对手时候 要有礼貌 点燃我们火力 …
Mr. C The Slide Man This is something new The Casper Slide part two Featuring …
ramriddlz Cha cha, cha cha, cha cha, cha cha C. Tangana Cha cha,…
Serena Chacha Serena Cha Cha Serena Cha Cha Serena Cha Cha Serena Cha Cha …
Sik-K 왜 아무한테나 착하게 대해 따뜻할 필요없어 더 차갑게 해야해 그 새끼들은 너 때매 당황…
Tinted Windows Rolling down the road Rolling like a stone Feel your engin…
בלקן ביט בוקס Everybody please pay attention Listen to this new balkan bea…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Andrew Yim

My interpretation of this music video.
Rainbow : Idols that addicted with cakes who, can't give up the sweets, while they have to dance and sing with sexy clothes according to their management.

The old man : Consumers who observe and scrutinize idols' bodies for the whole time and pay gems for sweet cakes that idols consume.

The old woman : Management that strictly measures everything of idols and make them to sing and dance with clothes the old man might like. Feeds them cakes and takes the gems, that the idols earn and become rich.

The maid : Staffs to run the management but get only a little piece of gem as their wages

Rainbow is singing a love song basically for potential public consumers.  
"I wanna feel you I wanna love you.
You like that I'm saying this. I know your heart too well.
Then shall I show you little more?
Say if you like it or not?
Do you have an intention to come to me or not?"

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Exon Pinzon

Gracias YouTube por recomendarme esto 6 años después XD.

Yoongi's iconic Seesaw video left me Jungshook

This is kinda out of context but I really want the macaroons that they are eating

Helen Rendon


Suraj Saket



@Farhan Zohaib 이스타나제네시스G80매니아..ㅗㅗㅗ

we Kumar

@Pedro Alres झ धोनी वो शो भी सा बड़ी

we Kumar

ो एम

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Raymond Liang

I bet if this was released this year, this would have way less dislikes. This was one of those "controversial" sexy concepts back when people had issues with it. It's 2016, I think people are more accepting nowadays. I want a Blaxx comeback!

Wulan Tasik


Magnolia Arch!

@Invidrule True

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