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스텔라 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 스텔라:

Insomnia 어떡해 나 이젠 너 아님 안 된대 할 수 없대 나 혼잔…
Love Spell Sha ba la bab ba ya Sha ba la bab ba Sha…
떨려요 사람들은 내게 말해 마치 얼음 속에 핀 꽃 같다고 가지고픈 맘…
신데렐라 나도 모를 내가 되어 있었어 그게 또 익숙해졌지 거울 속에 비친 내가…
찔려 (Sting) 스텔라 잠깐만요 그 입술 뻐끔뻐끔 뭐하니 너 손끝도 어쩌질 못해 뭔가 있는데 은근슬금 모든게…

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Comments from YouTube:


Actually the song is not bad! It's really catchy and nice, the problem is the MV.

Plank Ton

@Mike Oxlong if you like hot girls, it makes you a man of culture 🧫


@Mike Oxlong The problem is not with the mv the problem is actually they were forced to act like this they were uncomfortable that's the problem

Mike Oxlong

I disagree but I'm a man and like hot girls.

Plank Ton

@Anushka🥀 good point bud! 🙌


@Plank Ton yeah it is good the song is also very good but they were forced and tricked and they were uncomfortable that's the thing we don't hate them it's just Their stupid company

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Febri N. Saputra

Yang kesini gegara tiktok mana suaranya!!


Aku juga ya everbody



Jessica Cl


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