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시크릿 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 시크릿:

I Do I Do めぐり めぐるよ めぐり めぐるよ めぐり 逢えるよ 予報はずれ 急な雨 駆け込んだカフェ Oh no! びしょ濡れ そ…
I Want You Back 우리 헤어진 지 벌써 얼마나 됐다고 1분 1초가 일년 같애 I want you…
I`m In Love Hey babe I wanna whisper my love tonight Take me in your…
Madonna Oh ネ マミヤ マミヤ マミ マーミヤ (ヨロ シークレーット) Oh ネ マミヤ マミヤ マミ マーミヤ Ma…
My Boy My Boy My Boy 너무나도 닮은 널 처음 너를 본 순간 나는…
No. 1 Yeah, Right Back At Ya It's Gon'Be Alright, You Know? Kick…
Spot Light Dori oop-oop-oop, dori, dori, dori, oops Dori oop-oop-oop-oo…
YooHoo あなたの表情が 何気ない仕草が Don't know why I don't know why 気になるのは なぜ? た…

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Comments from YouTube:

Old Kpop

2020 still love old kpop


@Harry Balls sameeeee


New Kpop sounds the same except a few XD they sound super Americanized now. 1st and 2nd gen fan forever

Blue Screen

@니일 어차피 모르잖아 ㅋㅋㅋ


@Blue Screen 왜 갑자기 혼자 급발진해?ㅋㅋㅋ

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It's Mazic = Music + Magic
Song Ji-eun said in a interview that she is responsible for the word "Mazic": "I came up with "Mazic" instead of "Magic" because it's an interesting way to pronounce it and the audience can follow along after listening to it once."

Bb Bloo

It’s kinda hard to repeat magic while singing with perfect pronunciation the entire time


Oh geez mystery solved in 10 years. All these years I have been thinking that they werent really good at English pronounciation.

Henry Rice

I don't care if they sing "magic", "mazik" or "I'm a little teapot", they sound awesome and look even better. Especially their rapper. I just recently started following them so I don't know their individual names yet. I hope they keep putting out songs like this. If they do, I'm a fan for life.

Miey Kamal

@Henry Rice they changed it to Hana, because whenever she searched her name the Zinger Burger came out.

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