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태민 Lyrics

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Taemin 넌 철저해 나 아니면 절대 너를 못 당해 난 담을 넘고 Bbam-bbam-bbam-bbam-bbam Bbam…

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Endtime Warzone

Dear SM,

Taemin has released solo works since 2014 and has enough songs for a full concert. In fact, he is going to hold a Japan national tour. He is such an outstanding performer and everyone will agree that he has the charm and stage presence of Michael Jackson. Why then focus only on the Korea/Japan market when fans around the world including myself are eagerly anticipating for his solo concert? What is stopping you from giving him a solo WORLD tour?

We sincerely hope that you will consider giving him a solo WORLD tour.

Please announce a TAEMIN WORLD TOUR soon.

Yours faithfully,

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so into K-hallyu

If you're still listening to this in 2020, you're a certified legend



/ H




Thank you😌

Zoomy Butterfly


25 More Replies...


I'm back from "IDEA" to witness his growth but he was great from the beginning 💀

Anna 444


Natalia Depp

YAS hes very professionall


I agree. This is the MV that started my Taemin journey last year.

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