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Super Fly
24k Lyrics

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4 Non Blondes Here I am and I'm waitin' On a chance to…
Music Instructor D-Rock is the munch, with or without Everybody knows that I…
Music Instructor feat. Dean D-Rock is the munch, with or without Everybody knows that I…

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Don't Go There INTRO Man: Yo, Check this out baby let me get…
En grabb från programmen Jag ser korrupta politiker, korrupta gangsters, korrupta pol…

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credits: everything i'm gonna be writing down is from a website known as kprofiles! you can check it out if you want more information about 24K or any other kpop/cpop/jpop groups.

Kisu left the group in 2019 after he got back from military.
Cory left the group in 2019, now he's a producer under the name Corbyn and is a producer of ’28 LABORATORY MUSIC’.
Sungoh renewed his contract, but left the group and is their producer instead.
Daeil left back in 2017, now he's an artist known as BIGONE.
Jeonguk left in 2019 to go solo.
Hui officially left 24K in 2017.
Jinhong left, because he didn't want to renew his contract.

these are the members that were in superfly. there were other members too: Byungho - left because he wanted to resume personal life with family; Seokjun - I'm sorry, I don't have any information about why he left 24K; Hongseob - debuted with two other members, but had to leave in 2019 because of health problems caused by a heart surgery.

24K currently consists of 5 people:
Changsun - debuted with Hongseob and Kiyong (Bonnie N Clyde) and is the current leader.
Youngwoong - was revealed in December 2020 and still has not debuted.
Kiyong - debuted with Hongseob and Changsun in 2019.
Imchan - was revealed in 2019, still has not debuted.
Xiwoo - was revealed in 2019 with Imchan, also has not debuted.

there were two other members - Dojun and #5 (Youmin, will soon debut in A+ boys, if i'm correct), who left for unknown personal reasons.

i don't know when the new members are going to debut, but please show them love and support <3

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2020/ 2021 anyone? 👉👈🥺


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kimbap slap


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Ofc 🥺

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kidoh gangdol

To people who still listening this on 2020, you had a taste

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This is an oldie? it's from 2015 ;-;

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