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2AM Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 2AM:

enemy of life 今日もまた 地球の痛みがほら 人々の邪心で 泣くに泣けず 静かに 枯れてゆく enemy of life anytim…
I Did Wrong [Seulong] naega jal-jal-jalmothaesseo Ne mari dal-dal-dalko…
I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me [SEULONG] Harujongil ni saenggakman hadaga Han gadak nunmu…
Like a fool 바보처럼 왜 몰랐느지 바보처럼 왜 그대를 보낸 건지 바보처럼 더디게 우는 가슴에 이…
Love U Hate U 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 아무리 말해도 그대는 그대는 그대는 내 맘을 몰라요 사랑해 그대를…
MIRAGE Chingudeuri modu eomneun saram bodeut ni yaegireul hae Naege…
No.1 I'm number 1 (I'm number 1) You're number 1 (You're number…
self control 2004 SELFISH そしてSELF-LOVE... 気づかなかったねそんな TRACE OF MY MISTAKES..…
Spring How was your commute to work today? How were you in…
You Wouldn't Answer My Calls [JINWOON] Eolmana eolmana sirheohalji almyeonseodo Igeotba…
너도 나처럼 [SEULONG] Harujongil ni saenggakman hadaga Han gadak nunmu…

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Mr Pirate

Jinwoon talks possible 2AM disbandment, if he keeps in touch with 2AM, and more

2AM's Jinwoon, who is now under MYSTIC, sat down with Daily Sports for a lengthy interview session. During this extended conversation with the media outlet, Jinwoon talked about everything from upcoming albums plans to a possible 2AM disbandment.

When the interviewer asked him whether the 2AM members talked of staying together at the same agency once their contracts were over, Jinwoon answered, "We did [talk about it]. But the four of our music preferences are so different that we naturally gravitated to different agencies. We never said it out loud but we were all probably thinking it. That there is no company that would fulfill all four of our musical preferences."

The interviewer commented how some groups tend to disband when they go their separate ways, but Jinwoon reassured that there isn't even a "0.1% instance" of the 2AM members discussing disbandment, adding, "Because we're a vocal group, as long as there is music, I think we can always release an album."

Jinwoon was also asked what he usually talks about with the other 2AM members when he meets up with them. The singer replied honestly, "We just drink and have a good time. Most of our conversations revolve around any girls that we're into these days. We don't really talk about serious things when we haven't seen one another in a long time. We just play and tell funny stories. I see Seulong so often that I'm about to get sick of his face, but I don't get to see Jo Kwon and Changmin that often because they're so busy."

On 2AM album plans, Jinwoon said, "Because there are no conflicts among the members, we discuss [releasing a new album] quite often. I wish that the four companies we're under would quickly pull out all the stops to get the ball rolling. 2AM can only release an album depending on how our agencies prep us for one. We don't have any specific plans right now so the idea is just sort of up in the air."

Jinwoon also hinted at his own album, saying, "It will come out soon. I'm not sure whether it will be a mini or a single album yet, but I want to think of a story to produce one. I did retro last time, but this time around, I want to showcase a modern style band music that isn't quite following the trends."

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