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죽어도 못 보내
2AM Lyrics

어려도 아픈 건 똑같아
세상을 잘 모른다고 아픈걸 모르진 않아

괜찮아 질 거라고 왜 거짓말을 해
이렇게 아픈 가슴이 어떻게 쉽게 낫겠어
너 없이 어떻게 살겠어 그래서 난

죽어도 못 보내 내가 어떻게 널 보내
가려거든 떠나려거든 내 가슴 고쳐내 (고쳐내)
아프지 않게 나 살아갈 수 라도 있게
안 된다면 어차피 못살 거 죽어도 못 보내

아무리 니가 날 밀쳐도
끝까지 붙잡을 거야 어디도 가지 못하게

정말 갈 거라면 거짓말을 해
내일 다시 만나자고 웃으면서 보자고
헤어지잔 말은 농담이라고 아니면 난

죽어도 못 보내 내가 어떻게 널 보내
가려거든 떠나려거든 내 가슴 고쳐내
아프지 않게 나 살아갈 수 라도 있게
안 된다면 어차피 못살 거
죽어도 못 보내

그 많은 시간을 함께 겪었는데
이제와 어떻게 혼자 살란 거야
그렇겐 못해 난 못해

죽어도 못 보내 정말로 못 보내
내가 어떻게 널 보내
가려거든 떠나려거든 내 가슴 고쳐내
아프지 않게 나 살아갈 수 라도 있게
안 된다면 어차피 못 살거
죽어도 못 보내

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Si Hyuk Bang

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Comments from YouTube:

shannon t.

You know this song is legendary when you can sing to 80% of it without actually knowing korean and haven't heard this song for at least 5 years.

GiGi Giselle

I have not heard it for more than five years. I m so happy to find it again..

Medico Machita

Yes it is 😚😚😚

Jay W

I did a trial and even I can sing it. 🤣

Radita H

that's exactly how i did it back then and how i'm doing it now

Yerin jibang

same lol

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The fact that this song won a Daesang showed that the era around this time was all about quality and the general public loved this. Not popularity or views etc!

Aarushi Kishore

@Sachin Venugopal ikrrrrrr also I take back my statement about Lucy. I just accidentally reheard their song when shuffling my playlist and change my mind. The fans really do just like their own favs no matter how bad the songs are. Like I love a certain group and their songs, but if they produce a bad song, I won't forcefully listen to it just because it's my fav group. Dreamcatcher really had to pave their own way and they made so much name out of their music yet they are underrated, being under a smaller company. And yes, 2005-2017 is chefs kiss.

Sachin Venugopal

@Aarushi Kishore yeah i know ONEUS and ONEWE .. its intelligent how their company used the band's ability to produce the songs and tied them with the a group so both always stays in spotlight when each other appears .. and ofcourse they are talented and now they even make songs for purple kiss and artists under their company 😁 .. it's how a possible got7-day6 should have been worked but their company missed that chance 🥲... and that last one you said was right ... Athe ones fans hyping up these days just because it is from their favourite groups is the one actually bad ... Like you said iam sure their must be great songs that we may not hear due to it being from underrated groups or artists ... Like Dreamcatcher who most don't know but have some great songs ... Thank you for pointing out that mistake in my statement ... And obviously i can't get over the 2005-17 era which created one of the classics in industry 😊😊

Aarushi Kishore

@Sachin Venugopal I know Day6 quite well and do love a few of their songs. They are all amazing singers and musically gifted and really creative. The main thing is they are not just awesome singers, but their music is actually quite creative and versatile. Do you know ONEWE and ONEUS? They are on the same level as Day6. But I agree, quality of music isn't the main priority anymore in the industry, sadly. Those three groups are really underrated. As long as the visuals are good, the audience is pleased. They don't look for good music and talent anymore. But fortunately, some groups with good visuals also produce amazing song. So, talent isn't completely wasted, but it isn't anymore seen as the first priority. I know Rose, Lucy and Nell too. It is indeed annoying that despite them being so talented they aren't getting enough recognition. But I also think that these three aren't that versatile either, because when talented singers are versatile, whether they are conventionally attractive or not, they do end up getting attention. Also, yes, Fiction! A song on a whole different level. It does beat 95% of the famous songs. But as I know many unpopular 3rd and 4th gen songs, I'll say it only beats 50% of them. However, yeah, Beast really built its own path.

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