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2PM Lyrics

Yo (yo). yo, everybody. Listen carefully
What time is it now? I said, what time is it now?
It's time for change, it's time for a new generation
It's time for a new star to shine.
So, what time is it now? What time is it now?
It's 2-P-M. You hear that? I said, it's 2-P-M.

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Comments from YouTube:


2:10, 1.25 speed.

Minimal Grammar

@DimaProsto It sounds amazing, but the normal speed is still awesome.


@DimaProsto except it doesn't


@Grandmaster 2800 sounds much better

Trolls Gaming

it is full russian music on 1.25 speed haha kaaaaaaalinka kalinka lalalala

Anti Freeze

I like how this comment has 69 likes

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Anders Svensson

0:44 Racist Penguin

Gavin Bruderer

Bass is pumpin*

Oscar Gällman

I always knew the fucking penguins are racists


P.M. we were arguing?

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