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2 Mello Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 2 Mello:

Here I Go It's a brand new day in tokyo-to Headlining the news is…
Old to the New The old to the new The new to the old The old…
Pump Up the Love Please direct your attention to the... (Common) Extra (ah y…
Say Somethin' Mic check 1 2 1 2 Mic check 1 2 1…

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Comments from YouTube:

dusky attacks

Feels like the part when you team up with all the other gangs and storm Rokkaku HQ.


@tecc decc nah


@tecc decc...

tecc decc

does that actually happen?


how i'm tryna be

Doofus Mcgee

yeah that would be cool

Solid Jack Frost

Bro if there were a Jet Set Radio 3 I honestly think this would be the title screen theme

Rush SDR



Id probably think this would be better paired with a endgame mission In JSR 3 that involves going against the Golden Rhinos. The song has a tiny amount of desperation and urgency unlike the others, yet still maintains that funky beat we all love. :p


I could see this being on a surprise reveal trailer. That in your face opening part would make thousands of people soil themselves in unison.

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