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32 tens Lyrics

I was lost now im found byt came back feeling bruised,
Smiles soak and surround in the sound im feeling true,
Summer smoke and painted blues had
Me feeling like yeah you, you knew you.
Thing is i cant remember a time that came right on que,
I was slowing in a town people blowing up around me
Were getting in my view, make a living from my room...
Ii know that im not the deepest but know what lies sealed beneath us
Must unearth, ive seen the time go from bleeding
Nahnah nah im feeling secrets start to burst...
If youve got sumit to say well you should go ahead and sah it why you
Scared dont be afraid of your own words,
Now youve got nothing to loose well you should go ahead and proove it
Why you scared dont be afraid its only you,
If youve got somone to holllld well you should go ahead and hold them
Cuz i know bout being hopeles in this world,
If youve got somwhere to ve and if u close your eyes and see
Them if thats the dream that keeps you breathing dont let go

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Comments from YouTube:


Wow... completely blew me away when it came up in my Spotify daily mix. Now one of my favorites of this year so far!

Daan Kuivenhoven

They really do deserve a lot more attention, this song is amazing

Absolute None


Matthew Piercy

This needs more exposure, what a tune.


WTF tis is goldddd


such a beautiful song

Maddie Lockwood

Amazing Song 👌

Juan Ordaz Chacon

Por favor, no dejen de hacer lo que están haciendo, acabo de conocerlos y son una banda increible, uno de esos hermosos regalos por los que me alegro muchísimo de haber encontrado, esa voz es... celestial, gracias!!

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